Beer on my mobile

  Holographic_man 14:46 28 May 2004

Hi all, two questions (1) I have spilt beer on my mobile and it works ok apart from txt message alert and phone ringing not working, is it doomed or is there away of getting it cleaned it happend about a week ago.

(2) I am trying to contact my brother in Amsterdam, he has given me his phone number but it does not work any ideas, thanks

  Totally-braindead 14:57 28 May 2004

1- try cleaning your phone, when switch off and battery taken out with some lighter fluid or even better the stuff you get outof the chemists poly something its called, evaporates and leaves no residue. 2- I would suggest you're either dialling the wrong number or haven't used the correct code for Amsterdam and 3- this is a computer forum so why post here?

  g0slp 15:02 28 May 2004

1) Oops! If it all works other than the ringing/text alert, you may be lucky. Can you actually hear callers? Some phones, I'm told, have separate speakers for the call sound and ringing system. If you've a vibration facility, then you should still get some sort of alert!

Another possibility would be to use a plug-in earpiece, if you can't get the phone fixed, or you don't want to buy a replacement. (Could be a good excuse to get a better phone, of course...)

2) If you have a number for Holland, then from a mobile dial +31 then the number you have, dropping the '0' at the start of the number given. From a land line, it's 0031, then as above.

Of course, it may not work if you've International Call Barring activated....

  g0slp 15:03 28 May 2004

- that should be WILL not work. :-(

  Holographic_man 15:13 28 May 2004

Totally-braindead I've seen worse things posted on here, thanks for you input i'll give it a try.

g0slp yes I can here callers, the vibration facility works ok, one thing that does come up is on the screen the word silence appears I have checked all the phone funtions are on. Also I will try what you have said about Amsterdam and the International Call Barring, cheers.

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