Beeps when upgrading RAM and not booting up - Help pls

  AroundAgain 10:25 05 Sep 2012

Good morning folks

Yes, I need some help/advice again, please.

Re: Dell PC, with Dell Dimension DE051 M/B

Having been to and getting details re what RAM can be used to improve memory (256Mb x 2 cards), 1Gb x 2 cards were ordered from eBuyer. Last evening, I went to my friend's house to put these in but PC wouldn't fire up, only some Beeps - single beep approx 4 times (I didn't think to actually count/make note at the time!!!)

I removed and replaced again, tried each one on it's own and in each slot but same beeps and not firing up. So, I put her original 2 x 256 cards back in and PC fired as normal.

I've checked all the details I have to be sure this is the right RAM, that the M/B will support this - will support max 2 x 1Gb DDR 400 - which is what the new cards appear to be.

I've been in touch with eBuyer and they will accept a return (once my friend gives me details to log in, or she do it!) so, at least, can be refunded.

However, that renders us back at square one with an incredibly slow machine and she can't manage getting a newer machine just now.

So, question is - Have I missed something that I should be doing to get the machine to cope with this extra memory?

I'm feeling somewhat out of my depth here so hoping some advice will help this issue. Alternative will be to get a techie in but my friend is on tight budget and the PC is used for charity work, for which she is a very much over-worked volunteer! So, I'm looking for the most cost-effective solution, of course.

Thanks, guys, for all/any advice you can offer. As usual, it is very much appreciated.


  Woolwell 10:29 05 Sep 2012

Have you tried just one of the 1Gb cards at a time? It is possible that one is defective.

  AroundAgain 10:41 05 Sep 2012

Hi Woolwell

Thanks, and for such a quick response! Yes, it was a rather long post so this bit would be easily overlooked. "I removed and replaced again, tried each one on it's own and in each slot..."

So, that would suggest that either both defective or machine not liking them, to my logic. I tried re-seating them, to be sure they were firmly in place.

I do hope there is a solution here, and not too expensive! ;)


  KRONOS the First 10:44 05 Sep 2012

It would be useful if you could post details of the make/type of ram bought from Ebuyer and the old RAM details. Ram can be notoriously problematic particularly with older systems. Also you should always try and make a note of any beeps.

Looking at your PC specs your PC can take PC 2700 333Mhz and PC 3200 400mhz. AS Woolwell has suggested try 1 stick at a time though I suspect that you have incompatible RAM, people put far to much faith in Crucial, it does in my experience, get it wrong far to often to be reliable.

  AroundAgain 10:46 05 Sep 2012

Hi Jock1e Thanks. I have looked at your link but can't see anything referring to four regular short beeps. I had 'googled' beeps and found that for reg short referred to RAM problem but haven't had time to find out more as yet.

I'll have another read of your link after I come back - just going out now, for a while.

Back later Cheers

  KRONOS the First 10:47 05 Sep 2012

Crossed posts. You will get your cash back as you are covered by the distance selling regulations, but that does not help you with your problem.

Is the 2 x 256Mbs PC2700 or 3200?

  Woolwell 10:48 05 Sep 2012

I have found that mrmemory provides a good alternative to Crucial.

Sorry missed that you had tried one stick at a time.

  Woolwell 10:52 05 Sep 2012

MrMemory DE051 If this is the right system then it indicates that you should have DDR 3200.

  AroundAgain 10:52 05 Sep 2012

Thanks Chronus

I'm just going out but will be back later so will have to post details a bit later.

I had thought Crucial was fairly reliable, but that's in my very limited experience, so do bow to better judgement! Having said that, I checked out on for that M/b and they came up with the same.

Oh, how I hate it when these things don't go right, especially when trying to help out a friend!!! ;)

Hopefully, will get there eventually

So, will post details later Cheers

  AroundAgain 13:25 05 Sep 2012

Hi there

Having read your posts, I have just checked what RAM was ordered (ie 3200) and, in fact, it would seem it's the correct item. Argh!!!

"This order contains the following items; Item: Extra Value 1GB DDR PC3200 400MHz 184pin Extra Value Ram"

Here are the details from


Ha! I thought, for a brief moment, I had just ordered the wrong items but seems not, after all. Shame, as that would have been an easy solution!!! ;)

Thanks Chronus, I'll check the existing memory once I can go over to my friend's place again - hopefully soon but maybe not till after the weekend.

In the meantime, I think it would be prudent to send the memory cards back to eBuyer, as they are no good just now?

Thanks folks. Please keep suggestions coming.


 [1]:click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:39 05 Sep 2012

Memory parity?

Some machines that support parity or ECC allow checking to be enabled or disabled in the BIOS, permitting cheaper non-parity RAM to be used. If parity RAM is used the chipset will usually use it to implement error correction, rather than halting the machine on a single-bit parity error. from here


See if there is a BIOS setting to do with RAM that you can change, if so change it and try the new sticks.

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