madPentium 15:45 07 Oct 2003

Does anyone know what a long beep followed by three short beeps means when you turn on a system? the mobo is a gigabyte.

Many thanks

  SEASHANTY 15:56 07 Oct 2003

Bios beeps Award click here
And another website click here

  madPentium 17:09 07 Oct 2003

many thanks

I had no video signal and assumed it meant a video card problem. I called a techie at a workshop and he told me my mobo and processor were blown.


  Jester2K II 17:16 07 Oct 2003

He would - expense fix

however Award says

1 long, 3 short No video card or bad video RAM Reseat or replace the video card.

1 long, 3 short beeps Display adaptor problem (EGA)

You have a graphics problem.

Got any more details on your set up??

  madPentium 19:30 07 Oct 2003

tried another video card in agp slot. Works again.

my processor is right above video card and I replaced the cooling fan because it packed up and the temperature warning was beeping like mad.

many thanks for your help.

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