Beeping noises on startup

  simonsup 22:35 20 Apr 2003

Hi my pc has started making a couple of beeping noises during startup,
When i boot up the pc i get the usual one beep at the beginning but when i get to the blue logon
screen the pc makes 2 or 3 beeping noises and then i get my desktop up as normal & pc seems to be running ok.
Is it any thing to worrie about? a virus maybe or
is it hardware related. I have norton anti virus2002 installed, no probs there.
Running windows xp pro, athlon xp1800+
512meg of pc133 memory (1x256) (2x128)
ibm deskstar 82gig harddrive
Gigabyte ga7-zxe mobo
ti4200 graphics & 1024 soundcard

  VoG™ 22:49 20 Apr 2003

More than one beep indicates tha something's not right. Consult your motherboard manual. If you don't have one or know what mobo you have click here

  DieSse 23:32 20 Apr 2003

Do you have a camera memory card reader? - these beep on bootup sometimes.

  simonsup 23:43 20 Apr 2003

Thanks for replying guys but it seems to have stopped beeping now,Hmmm strange, I`ll keep an eye on it to see if it reappears.
thanx again :)

  Goldcroft 07:15 21 Apr 2003

More experienced members that myself will know the details, but there is a site which gives information about what various beeps on startup indicate. Got it from a forum member, thought I'd saved it, but can't find it now.

  MAJ 07:23 21 Apr 2003

Think it depends on your BIOS, Goldcroft. click here

  Andsome 08:30 21 Apr 2003

Following your link, I downloaded and installed bellarc just out of curiousity. It gave me a preliminary readout, but now I cannot see how to bring up the readout again.

  Andsome 08:32 21 Apr 2003

Forget it, I have sussed it out

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