Beep on startup

  slightlymad 20:02 23 Feb 2009

My new Acer Veriton gives a single beep just before the POST screen loads. The supplier tells me this is perfectly normal, that it's the graphics card 'finding' the monitor.

I'm not convinced, and need reassurance. There are no alarming POST messages and the computer behaves perfectly well, so it may be that I have nothing to worry about. But I don't like BEEPS... I'd always thought they indicated a motherboard problem.

Just one more thing - I've gone in, and there are two different makes of memory modules in there - Acer and Kingston. A conflict, perhaps?

Opinions gratefully received.

  Technotiger 20:05 23 Feb 2009

It is perfectly normal - it is indicating that your hardware has been recognized, and that basically 'all is well'.

  Technotiger 20:07 23 Feb 2009

The time to worry is when you don't get one beep!

If everything is working correctly as you say, then stop worrying and looking for problems. When you really have a problem, you will soon know.

If it aint broke, don't fix it!

  laurie53 20:07 23 Feb 2009

Bleeps mean different things on different motherboards.

On some, including mine, a single bleep means that all is well and start up is normal.

  slightlymad 20:08 23 Feb 2009

And very reassuring.

Thank you very much, Technotiger.

Me much happier now.

  iqs 20:08 23 Feb 2009

It depends on the different BIOS manufacturers.Each has different beep error codes.

One beep(correct me if I'm wrong) usually means a successful POST,like no beeps.

There shouldn't be a conflict with the different makes of RAM.It pays to match the RAM speed.A slower speed stick of RAM, can cause the fastest RAM to slow down.

Hope this helps

  laurie53 20:08 23 Feb 2009

Must type faster!

  skidzy 20:08 23 Feb 2009

One post beep is fine click here

  Technotiger 20:10 23 Feb 2009
  slightlymad 20:10 23 Feb 2009

You kind people, you.

Thank you, I'm much better informed now.


  Technotiger 20:11 23 Feb 2009

Hi skidzy - pipped at the post :-))

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