Beep after startup has finished.

  m800afc 04:50 09 Jan 2008

My computer starts up normally. Is it possible to have a system beep when everything has finished loading and the computer is ready to use? If so would the beep occur for all user accounts. My OS is XP Pro.

  Gongoozler 09:02 09 Jan 2008

The initial beep that you get before Windows starts is generated by the motherboard to indicate that it has passed it's self test (Power On Self Test or POST). The sounds from your speaker are controlled via Control Panel - Sounds and Audio Devices. Double click the icon, and on the Properties window click on the Sounds tab. In the Program events window you will see all the events that can generate a sound. Those without a loudspeaker icon are able to generate a sound but don't have one allocated. Select an event and use the "Sounds:" window to allocate one. The right pointing arrowhead will enable you to test the sound. If you don't like any of the listed you can browse for one. You can even generate your own sound as a wav file and use that.
Having said all that, I'm doubtful that there is an event available for when all the start-up programs have loaded.

  laurie53 10:36 09 Jan 2008

No, but it might be coming just as a start up programme finishes loading, right at the end of boot up.

I've got something that makes a sort of "Boinggg" sound just as booting is complete.

No idea what it is and since it's no big deal I can't be bothered to trace it back.

I just mute my speakers!

  m800afc 13:09 09 Jan 2008

Thanks for the replies. I don't think I have made myself understood. :-)

I actually want to have a beep when loading is complete. I don't have one at the moment. It would seem to me that a system beep would be better as no media player would have to be loaded.

  Gongoozler 15:10 09 Jan 2008

Hi m800afc. The standard Windows and other event sounds don't need a media player, but it does need a sound card (or onboard sound) and speakers. I don't know of any way for Windows to beep through the case speaker. The "Start Windows" sound indicates that Windows has loaded and started, but I don't know of anything that indicates when the other startup programs have loaded. This is why there's usually a lot of hard drive and desktop activity after the "Start Windows" sound.

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