Been unable to log into PCA

  ponytail 20:04 17 Nov 2013

Just wondered if it was just me but have only just been able to sign in been trying since yesterday.I want to watch a netflix film but am only getting the sound from the laptop not the sound from the TV and the TV volume control is fully on.The laptop is connected to the TV with a HDMI lead.The picture is fine but no sound from the TV

  ponytail 20:05 17 Nov 2013

Tried to change the heading but could not do it apologies

  woodchip 20:11 17 Nov 2013

You may need a audio lead from mike earphone socket to tv audio in

  ponytail 20:45 17 Nov 2013

My Laptop is a Asus K73E and cannot see where I could plug one of these in.Could you suggest one of these or send me a link so I can take a look, Thanks

  ponytail 20:51 17 Nov 2013

Hi woodchip saw this on amazon click here does the HDMI lead not work


  woodchip 22:01 17 Nov 2013

Its right at the jackplug end, but other end should be a male plug not female.

like this is what you need

click here

  woodchip 22:02 17 Nov 2013

PS on the laptop you should plug it into earphone socket

  lotvic 22:08 17 Nov 2013

Did you set the Sound to HDMI? this is how to (with screenshots): click here

  Woolwell 22:26 17 Nov 2013

Relevant question from OP Increase volume

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