Been looking into my Broadband details

  Giggle n' Bits 22:31 22 Sep 2006

at the click here website under Hyde in Cheshire Exchange. I read that I have the following enabled for the following ISP's, I got this info based on my Tel no. search. I am with Force 9 which is the PlusNet group and they are linked to Tiscali also.

My question is, I use to be with Wanadoo but why is the others still showing as enabled like Bulldog & Easynet when I am not with them ?.

Local loop unbundling presence
Be: RFS date set: 30/11/2006
Bulldog: Enabled
Carphone Warehouse: RFS date set: 31/08/2006
Easynet: Enabled
Edge Telecom: Not available
HomeChoice: Not available
Pipex: Not available
Node4: Not available
Tiscali: Enabled
Wanadoo: Enabled
Zen Internet: Not available

  justme 22:37 22 Sep 2006

I suspect that "enabled" means that the ISP has installed the appropriate facilities in your exchange so that you could change to them if you so desired.

  lotvic 22:40 22 Sep 2006

does it mean that the exchange is enabled for those and so you have a choice if you want to change?

  Giggle n' Bits 22:44 22 Sep 2006

-ed. Erh remembering this list is for LLU so woder if it means these are all LLU enabled and ready. What I hope it doesn't mean is they all have there plugs in ready hence the reason for my awefull and unreliable connection. I have visions of these leads with plugs hanging out of a curcuit board.

  Dipso 22:46 22 Sep 2006

"does it mean that the exchange is enabled for those and so you have a choice if you want to change?"

Yes. FYI Easynet is the network that Sky are using for their new broadband service. You can get the faster up to 16 Meg services from them or Bulldog.

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