On Becoming A Web Designer..

  BristolDude 17:18 16 Jan 2011


I'm currently a student nurse but am thinking that I would rather be a web designer!
I enjoy creating designs for posters and music album covers etc and have always been "arty".

I also love the internet and have been running the same pc since 2005, having replaced everything myself except the motherboard. I can always fix my own pc and infact, am now doing it for all my family and friends when theirs get problems. I have used Photoshop and Vegas extensively and have no shortage of original ideas.

What I'm trying to say is that I belive I have what it takes to be a very good web designer, but how do I make this a reality? I would like to specialise in the design side of things ideally.

Many thanks, Ian.

  BristolDude 18:19 17 Jan 2011

Brilliant advice that I shall follow.

Many, many thanks for taking the time to help.

  BristolDude 21:15 17 Jan 2011

If it's help to anyone, I've chosen to use 'Kompozer' a free WYSIWYG programme.

  OTT_B 21:37 17 Jan 2011

To add to fourm member's advice; if you are particularly interested in a certain area of art, then try designing a site that fits n with that area.
For example, if you are into the kind of art that Iron Maiden has for their album covers, then try to create a site that represents that kind of design (not to say that it would have to be an Iron Maiden fan site!). My reason for saying that is that if you have a specific area of art that you are interested in, then developing that into web skill could bring you into a niche market area to deal with.

There are web developers a plenty out there. If you want to go for it as a career, then find the area you can bring most to - and that is the artistic area that you most enjoy.

  webdesignruk 09:54 07 Sep 2011

i know web designing area is very wide area so if you like carrier in this field please do more practice in photoshop, dreamweaver, flash animation and script, swish for animation, corel, and more other software.

if possible then u learn one development software for example php, joomla, wordpress, druple, dotnet, java and asp.

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