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  Pablothehat 08:21 03 Jun 2003

Hi anyone had any success with this kind of venture?

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Tuesday, June 3, 2003

  Kitz E Kat 08:40 03 Jun 2003

Gonna quit my job now, and become rich, rich i tell you!!! Ehhh iffy... where do you get the business, sure you might make $250 an hour, but if it's only one hour, how long to get your money back, and if any Joe can do it then the chance of getting anything is slimm to nill, keep your wad, and dont abuse the boss!!!

  -pops- 08:40 03 Jun 2003

Another get rich quick scheme??

  Forum Editor 08:50 03 Jun 2003

You have come up with a scheme that enables you to make "up to $2000 dollars a day" easily, and with absolutely no outlay whatsoever, apart from a little of your time. That's $10,000 in a working week, or just under half a million dollars a year if you work each week, and that's just one person. If you get your wife/husband/partner to do the same thing you can make nearly a million dollars a year between you.

Would you be bothering to advertise your secret on the Internet, selling it for $97, so loads of other people can horn in on the bonanza - well would you? Of course you wouldn't, you would be setting up a system whereby you got a bunch of students together and paid them $200 a day each to sit and earn you a stash of money until you had made at least one of the two billion dollars that is apparently sitting there for the taking. Then you would get into your Ferrari or whatever and drive to the airport, where you would check into your first class seat to whatever tropical paradise you had picked to spend a month or six thinking about how you would spend the rest of your life.

Take a tip from me.......keep your credit card firmly in your wallet on this occasion.

  Pablothehat 08:52 03 Jun 2003

Not to get rich but my employer is cutting back so trying find away this peice of technology can pay for it's self. Thanks for the constructive help!

  Forum Editor 09:03 03 Jun 2003

that your emloyer's cutting back, and of course my flippant response wasn't intended as a personal affront, but the internet is full of these money-making offers. Few of them make money for anyone, other than the person who's behind them, and if you're likely to be a victim of the cut-back there's probably even more reason to be careful before you part with any cash.

  Kitz E Kat 19:58 03 Jun 2003

Sorry to hear about your job , like the Forum Ed i hope that you did not take my reply as anyway flippant,if you did then i do apolagise, i do get annoyed at the amount of people that will take other peoples hard earned cash on what is a scam. The really annoying thing is that they take money from people who do not have in the first place, and who had to earn it by hard work.What do you do ? Good at what? Think about it, for a small outlay you can get some cards printed, put ad's in a local shop etc. Most people have a skill they can sell if they go about it the right way. Might not make you rich, but would you be happy!!!
Good Luck
Kitz E Kat

  anika99890 09:38 08 Apr 2009

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