BearShare Removal

  DAKAR 22:29 04 Oct 2011

Hi all I downloaded and installed BearShare thinking it was good for sheet music but I did not think much to it,problem is I have uninstalled it from add and remove but it is still on my computer and appears to have taken over my home page.Any ideas on how to remove it completely would be appreciated greatly. Kind regards Dakar

  northumbria61 22:40 04 Oct 2011

Download and Run Revo Uninstaller from here enter link description here

  DAKAR 23:17 04 Oct 2011

Hi northumbria61 Thanks for response,I have downloaded revo but cannot find any trace of BearShare among all the other installed programs,as I said I uninstalled BS from add and remove but I have it still in the tool bar and it appears to have installed itself as my home page/ Regards Dakar

  daz60 07:14 05 Oct 2011

Uninstall Bearshare


See if these help if your confident of entering the registry.

Second mentions something called Mediabar,find and delete it may succeed.

  sharpamat 07:45 05 Oct 2011

Its like many peer to peer programs and very hard to remove because of the software in installs. Revo will be the best way that I Know of, If it does not show up then reinstall it, It will then show and can be removed.

After this has completed use your search bar on start and physically remove every thing from your hard drive, Finally reset your home page.Then run a complete scan to remove any spyware etc

Its a learning process but stay away from peer to peer programs many of which are illegal and many install spyware.

  DAKAR 20:17 05 Oct 2011

Hi daz60 and sharpamat I have tried all of your suggestions and still find bearshare on my computer taking over my home page. any other suggestions? regards Dakar

  DAKAR 20:30 05 Oct 2011

Further to last post I cannot seem to uninstall MediaBar Regards Dakar

  DAKAR 10:32 06 Oct 2011

Hi Everyone this seems to be a difficult one to solve,I just cannot seem to find a way to remove BearShare,has anybody got any ideas I might try. Thanks Dakar

  spuds 14:12 06 Oct 2011

If you put 'removing bearshare' in a Google search, there are a number of possible solutions. Its just a case of checking them, and seeing which one or idea will work.

As mentioned previously, when some of these free programs install onto a computer, they can be a real headache, and time consuming to move, even Revo (which is very good) can struggle some times.

  rdave13 16:18 06 Oct 2011

Try a system restore. It seems to be difficult to remove so if sys restore doesn't work try a malware removal specialist forum such as Bleeping Computers.

  DAKAR 18:05 07 Oct 2011

Hi daz60 I have tried most suggestions from this helproom and from results on google Now I am going for the registry as you suggested,please could you tell me when I get into the registry as described in the link you sent me how do I find the registry values to edit,the instructions say to delete the following registry values but does not tell you how to locate them. I am pretty confident once I know the sequence of finding the values that I can carry out the deletion. Thanks for any help Kind regards Dakar

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