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  Snudge10 07:56 21 Sep 2015

Hi,I recently downloaded the windows 10 free upgrade on my wife's laptop. Since then she has noticed an ad in her sky/yahoo email account and it is generated by I have looked online and I now realise that this is definitely unwanted. Some posts I have read says that this bug changes the home page but so far this does not seem to have happened. My wife uses her computer for financial transactions and I am worried that her account details could be stolen. There is a you tube video of someone manually removing beap.gemini but it moves too fast for me to understand. Can somebody give me written details of how to get rid of this bug? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  The Kestrel 10:26 21 Sep 2015

As long as you don't open the email and especially any web links contained in it, the program cannot be loaded onto your PC. You can simply delete the email without opening it by right clicking on the email and selecting 'delete message'. You could also mark the email as junk so that your email program isolates it from other emails where it can be deleted easily.

  Snudge10 13:07 21 Sep 2015

Hi Kestrel, thanks for your reply. There is no check box to tick to delete the message. It's not actually a message, more of an ever changing advert. I have managed to block it in Google's Adblocker and it has disappeared from the e mails. I do still worry as to whether it is still lurking on the computer. If anyone knows how to delete this from the registry or even check to see whether it exists in the registry then I would be very interested in your replys. Thanks again Kestrel!

  lotvic 23:50 21 Sep 2015

The free Ghostery addon will block it and other ads download it and install from click here It was recommended to me by other users on pca forum. I find it excellent.

Yahoo users have been complaining about beap.gemini ad for over a year click here

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