Be router

  Bailey08787 16:12 25 Apr 2007


This may be a dumb question. Just signed up with Be broadband - line due to be activated tomorrow.

Be have sent me a router/modem which has a wireless speed of 54mb.

I already have a netgear dg834gt click here and a netgear wg311t click here which both run at speeds of 108mbps

Am I best to use my existing set-up?

Or use the Be router/modem? Will using the Be router/modem be more reliable, speedier, allow me to access particular features, etc?


  Bailey08787 10:54 26 Apr 2007

thanks all - very helpful advice

dipso, the settings will come in handy when i try to set up the netgear

through your link i also came across which is handy

Kate B, apparently the latest firmware for the netgear includes:

Updated the ADSL driver to improve ADSL2 and ADSL2+ support.

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