To be honest, I prefer the original version

  Forum Editor 19:54 27 Aug 2003

But both of them are in need of some tuning.

It strikes me that you have too many pages - is it necessary to give each Princess a full page? Perhaps you could get them all on one easy to read page by creating a table and putting the images in one column - say on the left - and the text in another. That way everything will line up neatly, and look more professional.

Tables are the web designer's friend, they make laying out pages so much easier, and the results look far better.

There are many errors of grammar and punctuation in the text throughout the site, and that should be rectified. Nothing detracts more from the professional look of a web site than errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar.

I know you've worked hard on this - I remember seeing your very first version - but it needs a lot more work in my opinion. Open and honest views you wanted, so that's what I've provided. There comes a point in designing a web when you hit a wall - you're fed up with tweaking and fiddling, and you just want to get the site on the server. That's the time to force yourself on - leave it and you're likely to accept second best.

Keep at it - there's a good site in there waiting to get out, and between us we'll crack it. If you want me to edit a couple of pages of text for you, just to show you how I would present the material, let me know in the thread - I'll provide you with an email address to which you can send a Word doc.

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