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  Pesala 15:18 29 May 2003

I am in the process of updating my website after making fairly extensive changes to the layout and adding a bit of content.

All comments are welcome. Be as rude as you want if you had a bad day and want to take it out on somebody (~_~) I have a thick skin.

click here

Check out the news page for the latest changes. See the credits on the help page to find out how I built it. The site is best viewed in fullscreen mode at 1024 x 768 but should work OK at 800 x 600. You can post replies here and/or email via the feedback page if you want to comment on the content rather than the design.

  slowhand_1000 15:58 29 May 2003

Hi Pesala
Not to sure about the spinning logo, I found that I scrolled down to hide it under the header frame. Also I think a stronger type face and colour would make Association for Insight Meditation stand out better against the steely background.

Pages loaded really quick, a second or two per page (600kb b/band).Nice idea to have it all available for download. And 105 pages, thats a lot of typing :-)


  Pesala 16:36 29 May 2003

Yes. The rotating logo is a bit of a cliche, but what else can you do with Xara 3D?

I like the idea about the text. Maybe I should try something a bit stronger. I could even use a graphic.

  expertec 17:15 29 May 2003

I think the design is quite good, but the rotating logo is annoying

  broggs 21:47 29 May 2003

rotating logo annoying, pages loaded 1 to 2 secs 128kbroadband,site very good.

  Pesala 21:58 29 May 2003

I wanted something on the page that was not static. How about the animated Time advert at the top of this page? Is that any better? How is that created? I looked at various static 3D text in Xara Webstyle, but didn't see anything I like better.

Point me to a Logo at the top of a Home Page that you think is really cool, to give me some ideas.

  Ben Avery 09:03 30 May 2003

The icons on the left frame (your lovely yin-yangs!) are good but I think you should do away with the bacgroung colour changing. When I load it up and click on an icon, the backround of the cell with the yin-yang icon in goes slightly yellow. Would be better if it was clear to allow the original background (purple coloured satin look?) to still be displayed.

Just a thought.

Good sight, very...deep!


  Pesala 10:48 30 May 2003

I hadn't noticed the background colour before, but on close inspection there is a problem with the transparent background, which seems to have got dithered somewhere along the line. I think I have managed to correct that problem, but it will be a while before I can update the relevant files.

NetObject Fusions generates hundreds of graphics, two for each different primary button, one on (yellow) one off (blue).

If you click here and zoom in you can see that the background is speckled with green dots, hence the yellow tinge.

  Patr100 13:52 30 May 2003

Loads fast on 56k and some good links. Good to see someone spreading the Dharma.

  slowhand_1000 15:13 30 May 2003

Just a thought on the logo, can you get it to spin just once on loading or does Xara not give you the option.

  Pesala 16:04 30 May 2003

Xara3D is quite flexible. One can turn of the text animation and just rotate the lighting. One can alter the colour of each of the three rotating lights, rotate it around the X or Y axis and change the relative position of each light.

Then one can angle the text, alter the colour of the text etc., etc. However, I am not an artist, and cannot get a satisfactory result.

It doesn't seem the most important thing on the site, in spite of its prominent position. However good or naff the animation is, it is not going to make or break the website.

Hopefully, people will soon leave the home page and start to read the books.

The yellow hue behind the highlighted buttons is somehow inserted by NOF when it generates the graphics, and is difficult to remove. I have corrected the source file, but the generated files still have this defect.

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