Be as cruel as you like

  geoff47 23:27 26 Nov 2009

I need to have my click here given the PC Advisor once over.
Be as cruel as you like......but remember, its my baby.

  PP321 08:10 27 Nov 2009

I mean...its basic, but it conveys your message well, is it meant to be offset to the left? ,maybe a few more pics, maybe a few drop down boxes for prices/color options. Overall i like the layout.

  Forum Editor 22:36 27 Nov 2009

has said, but would like to add a couple of points.

1. There are some spelling and punctuation errors in your text. You'll spot them if you read through the site very carefully, and one of us will be happy to check the text again, after you've made the necessary corrections.

2. Let me compliment you on the general quality of your content; it's an object lesson in how to provide exactly the right amount of information without being too wordy. I would feel encouraged to do business with you if I was after the service you provide. Well done.

  geoff47 23:31 27 Nov 2009

I must say I don't understand most of it.
Some of the errors are due to my use of apostrophes, and single punctuation marks (') rather than the conventional (")
I have tried to make most of the site single paged and non scrollable to keep it neat but have only managed to make it 'cramped'
The uninviting comment hurt, but I did ask for it. It is still a work in progress and I needed some critical appraisal.
Each page layout is set at 800 pixels, because I believed that was most widely used and viewable on the optimum amount of screen sizes.

I am pleased the site was not torn apart in general,so any suggestions to improve it will be most acceptable.

Thanks for your time and comments

  geoff47 23:38 27 Nov 2009

Thank you very much Mr Forum Editor, our posts must have crossed.
The final comment was most appreciated, that is what I had hoped to achieve.
This is possibly a third or fourth version, trying to cut out the waffle, and to look clean and tidy.
I have absolutely no knowledge of any code, and my efforts to include javascript have failed, but I am still working on it.
Thanks for the encouragement.

  geoff47 23:44 27 Nov 2009

I have just checked my Stats and 70 visitors have looked at my site since posting on here.

Strangely enough that is why I asked for appraisal, how to get those visitors to go that little further.

  Bebee 08:17 28 Nov 2009

I think if it was something I was looking for the site gives the information clearly and gives the sense of being focused on the product, not on flashy site design. I certainly agree on the content.

I can see what you were trying to do with the compact design but I do wonder about accessibility - the text does seem very small and not everyone has good eyesight - particularly with a white background that can glare.

Enlarging it in the browser gives a very readable site but not all visitors would expect to do this themselves.

I am certainly no expert on site design but just offering personal observations. I would be interested in the view of more knowledgeable contributors on whether sticking to 800 x 800 is necessary now?

  geoff47 14:32 28 Nov 2009

Thanks Bebee, I shall take heed of all the suggestions and revise it.
I know from my own surfing, some sites just dont get further than the first page just because they are disorderly or too complicated.
I did have concerns about the size and the lopsidedness, its nice to get other points of view from people that are not looking at it through rose coloured glasses.

  geoff47 21:07 28 Nov 2009

I personally preferred the first one.

click here

  Bebee 22:20 28 Nov 2009

I know what you mean - the first version was neater visually but harder to read.

I suppose there may be a compromise needed, but worth it to keep trying variations.

  geoff47 00:31 29 Nov 2009

I will keep tweaking until I get bored or reach perfection.....yea right.

I have attempted to go Zen like, that is why I altered it again and put it here for a wider critical audience, I know exactly what you mean.
The change over is supposed to show dirty tiles transformed into a new coloured glass splashback, and yes, I know exactly what you mean again, not large enough.

Thanks for all your input, much appreciated.

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