Be careful.........

  Forum Editor 12:30 29 Dec 2004

It's very easy to spoil a site with a mass of unrelated links and icons, and to be honest your site is already beginning to look untidy. Why have you got a PayPal 'donate' button on the site? There's no earthly reason why anyone should want to give you money for nothing - your site is obvioulsy advertising a business, and asking people to donate money is tacky unless you're offering something in return - which you aren't.

I suggest that you spend some time tightening up the pages, making sure that everything works, that the navigation is simple and efficient - at the moment that drop-down menu on the homepage seems totally unnecessary.

You've done well to build this site from a standing start hooligan, but you're in danger of falling foul of the "because I can" syndrome, which leads people to cover their sites in links, banner ads, and click through icons. Consolidate what you have already, but don't spoil things with pages of rather meaningless content - what's that 'tools for sale' page all about?

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