BCC field to be visible in Outlook 2003

  ajm 22:29 02 Mar 2004

I use Outlook 2003 and when i compose or reply a new email, i sometimes want the BCC field to be visible. Under Outlook 2000 i used a addon called TWEAKOL and it allowed the BCC to be visible

I am using Outlook 2003 and would like to know if there is a (possibly free) way of doing the same thing.

I have tried TWEAKOL to see if it will work under Outlook 2003 and it does not.

  ajm 22:38 02 Mar 2004

I am using the latest Outlook 2003, not the 2002.

  ajm 22:41 02 Mar 2004

I want the BCC field to be visible at the same time as the "To..." and "Cc...." fields.

Presently if I want to BCC someone, i have to either the To or CC field and then add the email of the person to whom i want to BCC in the BCC field

  ajm 22:42 02 Mar 2004

I have checked that in 2003, it is not available.

  ajm 22:44 02 Mar 2004

There is a company called SperrySoftware from whom I purchased some addon-ones for previous versions of Outlook and they also work fine with 2003.

TweakOL was free so I did not have to purchase the ALWAYS BCC addon from SperrySoftware.

$19.99 is not a lot of money for such a software as click here but if there is something free, why pay...

  ajm 22:45 02 Mar 2004

Are you running Outlook 2003 or a previous version?

  ajm 22:47 02 Mar 2004

I am not running any addon presently and still cant get it to work.

Jester2K, all my menus are visible.

  ajm 22:55 02 Mar 2004
  ajm 22:59 02 Mar 2004

Opened New email to create. Clicked on OPTIONS drop-down and highlighted BCC....

Many thanks to all, especially VOG and jester2k

  ajm 23:02 02 Mar 2004

It is weird!!!

Problems sorted out by accident!!!! Saved my self $20.00.

A huge THANKS to ALL

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