BBC site; This content doesn't seem to be working.

  Simsy 22:09 15 Jun 2010


I know the BBC is having problems with it's new website at the moment, can't save changes etc...

But almost every video clip I try to view at the moment is apparently loading, showing the first frame, and then coming up with the message;

"This content doesn't seem to be working, Try again later"

I'm having the same problem with different browsers, and PCs so I'm pretty sure it's not my hardware... though my broadband connection has slowed significantly of late, but I still think it's fast enogh to cope with news clips, (about 2500 Mbs)

Can anyone else confirm that they're having the same problem, indicating that it's an issue at the BBC end?

Thanks in anticipation,



  T I M B O 22:12 15 Jun 2010

Rude Britannia seems to be working ok >> click here

Try speed test and see if ur internet is ok>> click here

  eedcam 22:13 15 Jun 2010

can you be more specific I just went on bbc site and no prob viewing videos

  Sea Urchin 22:18 15 Jun 2010

Just tried half a dozen videos on news/sport etc and no trouble viewing them at all.

  T I M B O 22:19 15 Jun 2010

What if Simsy were to download them 1st, then watch them, that could work.

  peter99co 22:28 15 Jun 2010

My problem is I can watch them but if I click full screen they shrink to a small picture in the middle of a full screen.

I have reinstalled Adobe but no change.

The laptop works ok. The Pc has the problem.

  Simsy 22:30 15 Jun 2010

that seems to be OK...

It's all the news and sport clips on the news and sport pages, such as on this page, and the items down the right hand side;

click here

Sometimes I get just the audio, but with the video message as previously described.



  T I M B O 22:30 15 Jun 2010

Flash is still in beta & you have to delete the old version 1st b4 u install this one, but here is a link for an older version if you so wish>> click here

  T I M B O 22:31 15 Jun 2010

Oh, maybe it's the bbc's server that's taking a hammering.

  Simsy 22:36 15 Jun 2010

I was rather hoping taht more folk were aying they were having problems!

Oh well... time for bed.

I'll revisit this tomorrow!




  peter99co 22:48 15 Jun 2010

Thank you for the old link but it was the same with that version as well.

I have no problems with BBCi or Utube just News and sport as on simsys link.

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