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  chub_tor 12:26 02 Oct 2004

for mf sins I like to listen to Radio 4 live on my PC while I am surfing the net. But Radio Player on my machine running Win me has stopped working. BBC accepts replies on technical queries but does not send answers to problems. The pop up window for RadioPlayer with all its text appears as normal but the window under Pay/pause etc. which used to say Contacting....for a few secs and then load... is blank and so no programme ever loads.
I can stream radio by using RealPlayer as stand alone and I can get some of the radio programmes via the BBC website using media player.
I have looked at the BBC FAQs and made sure that Java scripting is enabled and followed all their other suggestions. I have unistalled and reinstalled RealPlayer 10 all to no avail.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  originalmiscellany 12:45 02 Oct 2004

"real player" - it's real audio codecs (which change the stream of 0's and 1's into sounds) with none of the excessive bloatiness.

click here

likewise search for quicktime alternative. back of the net!

  pj123 13:12 02 Oct 2004

Have a try of JetAudio (download the Basic version free) from click here I use this to listen, play, and record live streams from any internet site. Once installed, you need to run it and go to Preferences, File Type Association, and in the right hand window select Check All, and then Update, and OK. It will now record, and playback almost any video and audio file.

  chub_tor 13:36 02 Oct 2004

Thanks for the advice and I am sure that they are useful suggestions but....I would like to find out why the BBC Radioplayer doesn't work. The BBC insists that Realplayer is needed to make Radio player work - and it does on my XP machine. Realplayer as a stand alone item works fine and with a bit of mouse clicking on the BBC website you can choose to use Realplayer in standalone mode whereby I can get all the BBC stations. But Radioplayer itself doesn't work.
originalmiscellany I think that you may be correct that for my Me machine I don't need Realplayer 10, the trouble is I can't find any of the old versions eg Realplayer 8 anywhere on the web. Do you know of a site where I can find it?

  pj123 14:04 02 Oct 2004

chub_tor, can't help with why BBC Radioplayer doesn't work. But your comment "The BBC insists that Realplayer is needed to make Radio player work" is not strictly true. I won't have anything "Real" on my computer. Too many problems and intrusions. That is why I use JetAudio.

Just give it a try at least. Set the Preferences up properly and you won't need "Real" anything.

  Stuartli 14:48 02 Oct 2004

Some help and advice re Java and troubleshooting can be found at:

click here and click here

I find that using the basic BBC Radio Player (which IIRC or have been informed is a version of RealPlayer) from the BBC website you only hear the sound i.e there is no player displayed; switching to RealPlayer brings up the RP panel and you can select, say, Radio2 from its previous listing if you have used it on another occasion.

  Stuartli 14:54 02 Oct 2004

You can download the Java Runtime from here:

click here

  GaT7 14:58 02 Oct 2004

If it's any help older versions of Real player can be found at click here. If no joy with that, try JetAudio suggested by pj123. G

  chub_tor 15:33 02 Oct 2004

Thanks to all that helped. Radioplayer is working again. I uninstalled Realplayer 10 and installed Realplayer 8 - thank you Crossbow7 for the link.

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