BBC News videos refuse to play

  Declanworld 23:10 14 Dec 2014

Since today, BBC News video won't play via IE11. There's no problem with BBC Sport video.

Any ideas?

  Secret-Squirrel 13:42 15 Dec 2014

It's not you Declan - I can't get the BBC News videos to work in IE11 either. All other BBC videos seem unaffected.

Use a different web browser for now until the BBC sort things out.

  Phoenix40 19:55 15 Dec 2014

Hello im having the same problem as well. So im using Google Chrome for the moment. Also i cant seem to get the game trailers to work either on Steam, if they do theres no sound. There must be a problem with the I.E, I have Wins Vistas so im using I.E 9. But its also affected my laptop uses Wins 8.1. So I.e must be faulty at the moment.Its giving me a lot of grief i thought it was my flashplayer, i kept uninstalling and reinstalling. Then my computer started to seize up i did a system restore back that didnt work then i tried to undo it and my computer just got stuck and blacked out. Im in the process of recovering everything. If only this email came out sooner i wouldnt have messed things around. I did put a thread in but no one replied. Thanks anyway.

  Declanworld 21:40 15 Dec 2014

Thanks for your info comrades - I think I'll try to hunt out a BBC contact for this sort of thing.

  Phoenix40 21:50 15 Dec 2014

Its been going on for quite a few days now and nobody has picked it up yet. Things seem to be fine with iplayer but not with Steam. Not seeing anything here i imagine its something affecting my computer like flashplayer end up messing my computer.I wish these things wouldnt happen.

  Declanworld 21:58 15 Dec 2014

I've just fired in a complaint here: enter link description here

  Declanworld 19:24 16 Dec 2014

Videos are playing now!

  Phoenix40 22:27 16 Dec 2014

Yes i ive noticed they are playing now thanks.

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