BBC iPlayer not streaming!

  Pine Man 17:50 12 Aug 2010

I use BBC iPlayer for streaming programs so no download is necessary.

I last used it on Monday and it was ok. Today I tried it and even though I get the web page up I cannot stream any programs.

My default browser is Firefox but if I change to IE it works perfectly.

I have tried reinstalling Firefox but still no streaming.

  tullie 18:29 12 Aug 2010

Ok here with vista and firefox.

  Pine Man 18:40 12 Aug 2010


I'm using Windows 7 and Firefox and the only thing that has changed since Monday is the installation of the Tuesday Microsoft updates.

I have just tried Safari and it works on that ok as well.


  rdave13 18:51 12 Aug 2010

Anything happened to your plug-ins? Try updating them, especially shockwaveflash.

  Pine Man 18:58 12 Aug 2010

I have tried updating and all are up to date but to be on the safe side I reinstalled shockwave flash - still no good:-(

  rdave13 19:09 12 Aug 2010

Do you have no-script or ad-blocker or similar that might be blocking it?

  Pine Man 19:13 12 Aug 2010

Only yes-script but that's been there for years.

  rdave13 19:52 12 Aug 2010

So YouTube is ok but BBCi not?

  Pine Man 20:03 12 Aug 2010

Yup - You Tube plays ok and so do the news clips on the BBC web site, which is my home page!

  Pine Man 20:10 12 Aug 2010

Got to go for my cup of cocoa and Coronation Street!!

In the morning I'll do a system restore to before the MS updates and see if that does anything.

Thanks for the advice so far.

  rdave13 21:12 12 Aug 2010

Still think it's something to do with Firefox plug-ins or ad-ons.
Hope system restore works.

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