BBC iPlayer

  amonra 14:03 07 Jan 2008

Does anyone know of any way of recording the programs I down-load from BBC2 via their iPlayer so that my wandering son can watch them ? There doesn't seem to be a way of "saving" them.
He is in the US at present and cant access the site because his IP is not UK registered. He is losing out on some good programs.

  Pamy 15:31 07 Jan 2008

They will last for 30days they say. Probably cannot keep them (record) due to copyright

  interzone55 16:28 07 Jan 2008

The DRM within the files causes them to die after 30 days.

For various copyright reasons the files are only available to Licence payers - hence the blocking of US IP addresses.

Can you not record the programs when they're broadcast? I know it's old school, but it's the simplest solution.

  amonra 17:56 07 Jan 2008

Thanks to you both, you have confirmed my suspicions, the DRM software wont let you save or record. As for recording when they are broadcast, I'm always wise AFTER the event, hey ho.

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