flaming 17:45 04 Jan 2006

Please let me know if anyone knows anything about BBC iMP. I am tempted to join a three month trial with them, re downloading some of their TV and radio programmes I have missed. It would be useful to me to have their new channel programmes, which I cannot receive on a TV aerial The programmes would be available 8 days after transmission-useful to me as I cannot get the new channels on a TV aerial.
However their terms sound a bit fearsome. File-sharing is mentioned and I would have to download software that is specified. The purpose of the trial is to see what sort of demand there is and I guess if people like it it would become a pay as you watch service. Their software associates are said to be virus clean etc.
Also, I have somehow got stuck with a huge window/icon on my desktop and would like to eradicate it.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:44 04 Jan 2006

The BBC possibly has the best website in teh world and they have forgotten more about the Internet than most people know. The downloads will be excellent and they are free. They cannot be sent to other users and they will expire after 7 days to protect copyright and rip-off merchants. It is a superb idea and you will be well-advised to give it a go as it will be safe.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:45 04 Jan 2006 are well lucky as I did not get an invite to the trial.


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