bbc i player

  r.s.logan 10:11 02 Oct 2008

I have a new computer with Vista home premium installed .I have tried unsuccessfully to install BBC i player . Is it not possible with Vista ? It seems to block downloading and I have now uninstalled same .Grateful for any help.

  iscanut 10:23 02 Oct 2008

I Player works fine on my Vista machine. Maybe your firewall is blocking it somehow. Just try running I Player without downloading it. Go to the BBC website click here and see if you can watch in stand alone mode. If so, then something is blocking the download and you will need to get back to us if you want to know how to adjust your firewall, assuming that is the problem.

  r.s.logan 10:53 02 Oct 2008

Thanks for reply .When I go to website and try to click on tv programme I get this message "Currently BBC i tv programmes are available to play in the UK only ,but all BBC i player radio programmes are available to you " .I am in UK ,apparently they dont recognise my IP address and suggest contacting my ISP provider which I have done and they say it is ok.It comes on there BBC i website as a common fault / troubleshooting.Still cannot get it to work .

  iscanut 20:03 02 Oct 2008

Who is your ISP ?

  MCE2K5 21:18 02 Oct 2008

ISP = Virgin click here

  iscanut 09:15 03 Oct 2008

Any other Virgin users out there with same problem. If not, perhaps they can help explain why they can get BBC i and r.s.logan cant.

  mgmcc 09:20 03 Oct 2008

As per my reply to you in the "Vista" forum:

Sites which restrict access to a particular geographical area do so by checking your IP (Internet Protocol) address - the address allocated to your PC by your ISP when you go online. If the IP address cannot be verified as, in your case, having been issued by a UK based ISP, you won't be able to access the service.

The problem usually arises when "Brits" abroad want to access services in the UK, but can also be a problem with users in the UK with ISPs such as AOL or Orange, which might allocate non-UK IP addresses.

I have Virgin Cable and on one particular site I visit, the location of my IP address cannot be identified. I haven't so far had a problem though accessing BBC iPlayer. If you are on Virgin's Cable service which, unlike ADSL, tends to retain the same IP address for a long time, you could contact Virgin and ask them how you can change your IP address to one that is clearly identifiable as UK-based.

  r.s.logan 14:11 03 Oct 2008

Many thanks for help/ advice given .I have been on to Virgin media and Actiontec (router )and got nowhere fast , going round in circles. Repeating the same checks again and again .Dell ran through computer and verified it was not anything to do with computer . Both Virgin media and Actiontec supposed to phone back , still waiting .Spent 3 hrs this morning on phone to all concerned and still not solved prob. Have to go out ,will get back if any further news .Thank you.

  r.s.logan 18:34 14 Oct 2008

Update on problem .Did nothing else on computer , just decided to give it a miss .Then yesterday tried site once again and it is working perfectly!!!

  r.s.logan 18:34 14 Oct 2008

Update on problem .Did nothing else on computer , just decided to give it a miss .Then yesterday tried site once again and it is working perfectly!!!

  mrwoowoo 22:04 14 Oct 2008

If i try it with the AOL browser i get the same message, as the site assumes i'm in the USA.
If i use internet explorer it works fine.

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