Bband Speed Problem Over Powerline

  [DELETED] 15:28 02 Jun 2018

At my main PC next to my router and connected by ethernet I am getting about 65mb. On my upstairs PC over powerline adapters I am getting about 15mb. If I buy faster powerline adapters, will it improve my Bband speed?

  difarn 16:36 02 Jun 2018

What speed are the adapters that you have? Do they have an ethernet connection? Are your powerline adapters plugged directly into the sockets?

  Legslip 16:50 02 Jun 2018

200mps, Ethernet connected, direct into wall sockets.

  rdave13 17:33 02 Jun 2018

Powerline adaptors need to be on the same ring main for max output. No extension leads used?

  difarn 17:33 02 Jun 2018

I am not sure why you are using a different forum name for your second posting? There could be interference from other appliances. Generally speaking 200mbps is ok for normal web browsing but may struggle for streaming movies or gaming. I believe that powerline have gigabit ethernet standard models. 15mb is a good speed but it depends what you are using it for.

  wee eddie 17:47 02 Jun 2018

Your Router needs to be connected directly to your primary phone input. Not an Extension. With your Powerline Adapter plugged into the Router and the Mains at that point.

You can then place secondary Adapters wherever you need them in the house

  mrcalif 09:11 03 Jun 2018

Powerline adaptors need to be on the same ring main for max output.

Nope. That’s not true.

  Legslip 10:00 03 Jun 2018

Thanks good people. Difarn, Sorry about account issues, I logged in on an old PC with an old PC Advisor account. I'll sort! Don't really see an answer to my question yet. Yes, 15mps is reasonable but the main PC is getting around 60mps. Gigabytes power line adapters are not cheap so before purchase I want to be sure they will up the Band speed?

  mrcalif 10:35 03 Jun 2018

I logged in on an old PC with an old PC Advisor account.


  [DELETED] 10:45 03 Jun 2018


  Legslip 10:50 03 Jun 2018

Dear Difarn. All sorted!!

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