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  Pidder 15:47 13 Jun 2006

From previous posts I get the impression that quoted BB speeds are a bit of a "have" in that one's actual download speed is far less than the promised 2 mbps or whatever. I have done several checks with InternetFrog, among others, and my d/load speed comes out at 694 today and never anywhere near the 2 mbps I am supposed to be getting.

I know this is still much better than dial-up, but even so, a promise of speeds up to, say, 8 or more mbps is,in my view, a bit of a con. Am I missing the point somewhere?

  Jackcoms 16:30 13 Jun 2006

Yes, you are missing the point somewhere.

Unfortunately, whatever speed you pay for (512k, 1Mbps, 2Mbps, 8Mbps, etc, etc), they are all, effectively, "up to".

Your speed at any given time will depend on several factors including, inter alia, your distance from the exchange, the condition of your line, local contention ratios and, critically, the time of day.

Try here click here for an accurate test.

Try it at various times of the day (morning, afternoon, evening) over a period of several days and you will then start to build up a good picture of your average speeds.

  chub_tor 17:01 13 Jun 2006

If you take a look at this forum click here you will see that lots of people are having BB speed problems. I am one of the sufferers and it seems to be largerly due to the changeover from a fixed speed to the 8Mb Max speed by BT. It is getting better however and just occasionally my download speed is over 3.6Mbps. It seems to apply across the board for all BT exchanges and ISP's who use them but I'm not sure if the same problem exists with Bulldog, TalkTalk etc who have their own equipment in the exchange.

  Pidder 18:26 13 Jun 2006

Thanks both. You bear out what I thought. My point is that much greater download speeds are promised by all the ISPs than is actually achieved but they don't state this in their publicity.

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