BB routers problems

  rose33 13:54 07 May 2006


I'm having all sorts of problem trying to connect to the web. I'm with BT yahoo, and use a voyager 205 router.Since last week I have been unable to connect to the web, BT Yahoo help say its my router, so I tried another modem, a voyager 100, but still get the same problem, will not recognise my user name and passwrod for the domaim.
Question:- Can I use any modem/router for BT Yahoo, or does it have to be a BT supplied router?
How is the best way of checking a router to see if its faulty?

I'm accessing the web via another line not my own to ask this question.

  rose33 16:26 07 May 2006


  Totally-braindead 16:37 07 May 2006

It doesn't have to be a BT supplied router but if you connect another type/make you would have to setup all the options with the device before it could connect to BT.
What I would do is delete the router software, reinstall the router as per instructions, which is usually install the software and only connect the router when asked and see if that helps.

  rose33 16:46 07 May 2006


I have done this many times, and set up a new connection, using my old router and with a borrowed modem, but each time I can't gain access to the web.
The problem being, I'm with BT Yahoo for internet and Talk Talk for line rental, and I not sure if its the line or web problem, and niether supplier will confirm which is faulty.

  Totally-braindead 16:51 07 May 2006

Long shot but try changing the filter and disconnect everything else while you try it.

  rose33 16:53 07 May 2006

I have replaced the filters with new ones, I even replaced the router tele cable.

  wobblymike 16:59 07 May 2006


I use a 205 its a very easy bit of kit to set up.
You need no ISP software to make it work as long as you are using the ethernet connection is this so or are you using USB.
Assuming ethernet - access the configuration page (type into the address bar) and enter your username and password press connect if it returns you to the user name and password page you have entered something wrong. If you get the connected page then you are ok. then launch IE6 and you should go to whatever your home page is.

  wobblymike 17:01 07 May 2006


A pretty basic question but is the dsl light on the modem lit solid?

  boots2 17:05 07 May 2006

Is the DSL light on and are you using USB or RJ45.
Have you the BT install disc.

  boots2 17:06 07 May 2006

I see Wobblymike on the same track

  rose33 17:11 07 May 2006

yes the DSL light is on, I'm using the USB connection, not sure how to use the ethernet connection.
Lights on are Power DSL and USB.
I have tried to reinstall the BT disk software, but it will not allow me to get past 60% of installation, so I have installed the router software by searching the disk for the router drivers.
I am not sure if the router is faulty or not.
within devise manager I can see the router as fully working, but cant gain access to web.

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