BB reading

  Taw® 09:06 05 May 2005

My BB reading on the icons in my taskbar used to read 576. I cannot remember what came after. But yesterday this changed to 2.2Mbps. I am on 512 speed could someone tell me what this would indicate?

  rawprawn 09:18 05 May 2005

You have been upgraded free of charge, a lot of ISP's are upgrading at the moment.?

  Taw® 09:26 05 May 2005

rawprawn thanks for that can you tell me what speed the reading is for?

  rawprawn 10:04 05 May 2005

It should show your connection speed, who is your ISP.

  dan11 10:08 05 May 2005

Visit here click here

This will give you a reading of your broad band download speed. :-)

  rawprawn 10:10 05 May 2005

In case I misunderstood your question 512KB is 512 kilobytes per second
2.2mbs ( Megabytes per second)
Which is 4 times faster than the spped you are paying for. Check your ISP home page in "My Account" or similar.It will tell you which service you are contracted for.

  Taw® 10:54 05 May 2005

I am with Pipex and my account is solo 500. They were going to upgrade me to 1MB but they informed me my line would not be able to accept the higher speed and therefore reduced my monthly payment.

dan11 this is the reading from your link, as I am not up to date on speeds etc could you explain what speed this would indicate?
Thu, 05 May 2005 09:48:13 GMT
1st 128K took 2053 ms = 63844 Bytes/sec = approx 531 kbits/sec
2nd 128K took 1182 ms = 110890 Bytes/sec = approx 923 kbits/sec
3rd 128K took 991 ms = 132262 Bytes/sec = approx 1100 kbits/sec
4th 128K took 1162 ms = 112799 Bytes/sec = approx 938 kbits/sec

  woodchip 11:03 05 May 2005

In the task bar it as nothing to do with what you are downloading at>>>>> it only tells you what speed you connect just as it does on Dial-Up My XP comps say 2.2m but it is only a 512k download

  Taw® 11:18 05 May 2005

Thanks woodchip, can I take it though that my BB connection speed is now 2MB?

Awfully sorry for the ignorance here, it is just Pipex told me i couldn't be upgraded because BT said my line was not suitable. On checking with BT they said my line would maybe take 2meg, only to find out I would have to leave Pipex and sign with BT before this could be confirmed. Anyhow I have been batted in between these two giants for weeks now with no real answers. This is a condensed version of 4 weeks of emails etc

  woodchip 11:23 05 May 2005

Yes that means you could in theory Upgrade to 2M download speed, if you wanted to upgrade your service

  dan11 13:26 05 May 2005


you have 4 readings of 531Kb, 923Kb, 1100Kb and 938Kb. That would indicate that it is around the 1Mb mark when you ran the test.

It is best to run it 3 or 4 times to get a true reading. Just click on the blue "here" button.

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