BB problem -- limited or no connectivity

  stlucia 09:08 13 Jun 2005

Win XP home edition with SP2; AOL BB with BT Voyager modem through a USB powered hub.

Last week the two green BB arrows at the bottom of my screen started flashing yellow from time to time and, when I hovered the mouse over them, I got a message saying that the modem was "training". I deleted the modem from the hardware list, and forced Windows to go through the new hardware routine on boot-up, but the problem persists. Even when the arrows are dark green, I get a network error warning message at the bottom of my screen saying "Local Area Connection 2 Speed: 1.1 Mbps Status: Limited or no connectivity".

I don't have a network on my PC, but when I go to Settings > Network Connections I see "1394 Connection" and "Local Area Connection 2" under the LAN or High-Speed Internet heading. 1394 Connection reports "Connected", but Local Area Connection 2 reports "Cable disconnected", "Limited or no connectivity", or "Acquiring network address" at different times.

Naturally, I've checked all physical cable connections, and I've swapped my modem for another identical one. But no joy. My modem is plugged into a powered USB hub through which other hardware is working okay.

Most of the time my connection is behaving like this I can get an internet connection okay. But it never used to display anything other than steady green arrows, and no error messages, so I'd like to sort it out.

Where do I go from here, please? Could a faulty filter, or a faulty BT line be the problem? Or is the error message something to do with this Local Area Connection 2, which I'm not aware that I have.

  FRANKMAC 09:22 13 Jun 2005

I'm affraid i cannot offer a solution to this, but.... i had a similar problem a couple of weeks ago. I have BT BB, and was informed that the problem was due to BT engineering work, they are upgrading their servers/lines to give all customers a 2MB connection, the fault was intermittent and resolved itself after aprox 5 days. I would only say that if the lights are flashing yellow that the problem is with your ISP and not your PC.


  Djohn 09:59 13 Jun 2005

The lan connection is normal. Just means that you have a lan card or connection in your PC but its not in use. Lan would be used for a router when having 2 or more machines connected together to for a network.

Solid green lights mean a good stable connection to the internet, 1 solid green and 1 flashing green is also as it should be when data is being transferred through your connection, either uploading or downloading, even browsing through websites or forums will cause 1 green light to flicker on/off, the faster the data transfer the faster the flicker.

Fact you are seeing an orange light flicker is because your having trouble to maintain a steady connection or sync between your modem and the exchange. If your seeing both arrows flickering on orange then it suggest a weak connection between modem and exchange and modem to PC.

Have you checked that the USB lead is firmly pushed into the USB slot on the Powered hub? And believe it or not, some modems do not like a powered hub even though this is often suggested if having power problems. Try connecting the lead from the modem direct to the PC and move other connections to the hub if necessary.

Check you have no other equipment interfering with your line. Disconnect every thing from the phone line and just have you modem connected to the master socket through a micro-filter, then one phone through the phone side of the filter. Don't forget that things like Sky TV do use a phone connection, so disconnect that for the test period.

Now go into Device manager and scroll down to Universal serial bus controllers, right click on each one, choose properties and then the Power management tab, if there is a tick in the box "Allow your PC to turn off this connection to save power, then remove the tick.

If this cures the problem, then reconnect all other phones, TV etc back to the phone line with a micro-filter at the end of each one until you find the guilty party. If none of these improve your connection, Phone your ISP inform them of the problem and ask for a line test.

You can also see what the VP condition of your exchange is like by going to Sam knows site, type your phone number in and look for a green light on the test page, if its amber, then there is a problem at the exchange that BT will be aware of and it will be on their list of things to do.

Sam knows is click here

  Magik ®© 10:22 13 Jun 2005

Thanks for all that, i have added it to my postings.....

  stlucia 12:39 13 Jun 2005

Thanks Djohn. I checked Sam knows, and get 3 green lights.

All leads are firmly pushed in -- I checked those initially. I'll go through the rest of your troubleshooting list when I get home tonight. I don't have any 'exotic' stuff on my phone line, only one other corded phone extension and one cordless base station each with its own filter.

But your comment about LAN is puzzling me -- I don't have and never have had a LAN card or connection on this PC. But ever since I installed SP2 I've been seeing the network connection icon as well as the BB arrows icon when I boot up. Up to now, the network icon has disappeared within a minute or so of boot up, and the BB modem has never shown yellow arrows. Apart from SP2, there have been no recent hardware or software changes that might have triggered the problem.

  Djohn 13:58 13 Jun 2005

Is the network Icon 2 computers with a red X through them sat in the notification area bottom right of the taskbar? If so, it may be the install of SP2 that has brought them on show.

To hide them from view right click your taskbar and choose properties/customize button and you will see the Icon. With a message to the right saying "Always show" click on the arrow on the right of this message and from the 3 options select "Always hide" That will hide it from view for you.

Got to Start/connect to/show all connections. This is the shorter route instead of going through the control panel to get to your connections. Make sure your default connection is ticked as so. If the network is ticked as default, or there are no ticks at all, right click on your modem connection and from the drop down menu, select "Make this the default connection.

Have a go at this and let us know how you get on, if it does not cure the problem, we can do a connection test through the BT log on tester and if that works, then we know your end is fine and the problem is in between your exchange and ISP, if it does work fine, then the problem is between your exchange and your machine, which can mean phone socket - modem - filter - cable - usb lead or set-up.

Here is an image of what mine looks like, yours should be the same or similar. click here

  Djohn 14:01 13 Jun 2005

[URL=click here][IMG]click here[/IMG][/URL]I'll try again :o(

  Djohn 14:06 13 Jun 2005

Worked that time, sort of. Its the fist of the two links in the second image.

As you can see the upper Icon with the tick on it says Dial-up connection. This may seem strange because we use broadband, but that is correct because we are still using a telephone line to connect to the internet.

Icon below is for setting up your local interenet or as we know it, network.

  stlucia 14:21 13 Jun 2005

Thanks, Djohn. I'll let you know how I get on tomorrow (if the missus will let me "play" with my PC for long enough tonight!) ;-)

  roygbiv 16:15 13 Jun 2005

I have the same trouble, BB disconnecting everyb few min. then error 721 or 734. XP, BT BB , Voyager 105 modem. DSL light sometimes flashes just before it disconnects

  Djohn 16:48 13 Jun 2005

721 means remote computer not responding check here at Microsoft help page for possible fix. click here

734 means the ppp link protocol was terminated. Have a look at Microsoft again for a possible fix. click here

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