bb modems?

  harps1h 00:26 13 Jul 2004

can anyone suggest a bb modem that will connect on start up rather than having me connect manually?



  Smegs 01:18 13 Jul 2004

harps1h, the only thing you will need to set up is the drivers. What is the problem??

  Djohn 01:25 13 Jul 2004

Keeping well I hope? Think that harps1h just wants his/her modem to connect automatically when booting the PC rather than click on the Icon to make the connection. If so then all modems will do this, just add it to your start-up folder.

  TomJerry 01:26 13 Jul 2004

With this method, the router/modem make connection, the PC and use need to do nothing.

The one I use cost £32.89 click here. I am very happy with it, so do many users in ebuyer.

This modem has usb connection as well as 4 port network/lan/ethernet connection.

If you do not want to connect to usb, your PC need a network (lan, ethernet) port for the connection. If you PC does not have one, you can get a PCI network card from ebuyer £2.34 click here.

  Smegs 02:01 13 Jul 2004

Djohn, morning, I'm well. Hope you are ok.

Sorry, I can now see what harps1h is saying.

Could you not set the modem to start in MSCONFIG, to start when Windows starts up? But that way, when you was feed-up with the internet and got rid of the screen/page, you would still have to click the internet Icon.

Unless, harps1h means he/she has to put a password in every time they connect!!

  Djohn 02:14 13 Jul 2004

I agree Smegs. The way I have my USB modem set is with an Icon on the desktop then just click on it first thing in the morning, leave on all day, just turn browser on and off as required.

Yes, feeling well at the moment thanks. :o)

  harps1h 08:13 13 Jul 2004

how would i put it in my startup folder?

by the way i am a "he"


  TomJerry 09:05 13 Jul 2004

c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

Router is still a better way.

  Djohn 10:08 13 Jul 2004

As TomJerry says, when you get to Startup place a copy/shortcut of your modem Icon in there. j.

  Smegs 13:05 13 Jul 2004

harps1h, how's it going? Any luck?

  harps1h 20:14 13 Jul 2004

sorry been out all day as this a holiday in n. ireland. will try this now and let you know.

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