BB Connection's there but pages don't load/connect

  LeedsLass 10:05 26 Nov 2004

November 25th

I went onto my laptop last night and even though there appeared to be a connection (the two little computers in the bottom right of the screen were flickering as normal and when you hovered over them it gave the connection speed), whenever I opened firefox or IE there was nothing except "Page cannot be found" message. Also, Yahoo messenger which is set up to automatically sign on, couldn't connect either.
It's like the connection wasn't there but it really, really was (or at least appeared to be). I rebooted my modem several times and switched the laptop off and restarted loads of times as well.

Dunno if this helps but my firewalll (sygate) was also indicating that data was trying to be transmitted (not sure which direction? - looked like out to me - the up pointing arrow was flashing blue, but the down pointing arrow wasn't flashing it's normal red when the connection is ok).

This problem remained all night (from 8pm to 11pm) and is the same today or so I'm told by the person at home who's tried getting on.

Anyone know what this problem might be, cos I'm stumped? Everything was fine the day before

November 26th

It was the same again last night so I checked the firewall cos the connection is there (when I hover over the two computers it says 11mbps, and other connection things) but nothing will actually connect to the www. The firewall *appears* to be blocking everything according to it's traffic logs except the odd time it lets an incoming IP address through but nothing is allowed out - EVERYTHING else is blocked. So I checked my firewall settings (bear in mind, my firewall is just something I never touch except to update it - I just let it run in the background and get on with it's job so I haven't messed with the settings recently) and they were still at normal. So I changed it to "Allow everything" and still everything was blocked from going out or coming in (excpet periodically this one IP address which I tried to trace back and it came up with nothing).

I'm so frustrated with this - nothing has changed on my PC that I know of (excpet a couple of downloads that were recommended - firefox and a CD ripper).

I did a virus check (AVG) which came back with nothing. Ran Spybot, Adaware and A2 - one thing which I removed (tracking cookie) - although these haven't been updated for a month or so and now I can't cos I can't get access to www.

Also, When I try to load a page in IE, in the gray area at the bottom of the page where it says the web address (and says "done" when it's loaded), it say this c:\WINNIT\system32\shldocl(I think)\dnserror.htm (or something similar to that)

I have a wireless router that was unplugged for about 10 mins the other day.

HELP?! This is really doing my head in now. I'm not brilliant with PCs so please be gentle (and simplistic) with any replies.

Thanx in advance

  LeedsLass 10:12 26 Nov 2004

Forgot to say, my o/s is Win2000 and I've tried doing the "last known good boot up" or whatever it's called and that hasn't helped either.

The laptop is a Compaq Evo N400c. I tried removing firefox to see if that would change anything and it didn't (so now I haven't got that cos I can't get on www to re-download it - bah!)

  Gongoozler 11:34 26 Nov 2004

The c:\WINNT\system32\shdoclc.dll\dnserror.htm error appears to be quite a commom one, you just need to paste the line into Google to see how common. It would appear to be the result of a browser hijacking. Curing the problem is much more difficult and many users have found reformatting and reinstalling Windows is the easiest way out. Before going for anything as drastic as that, download and run CoolWebShredder click here and see if that finds anything, if it doesn't, try HiJackThis click here, and post the results here. You will need to split the log into several parts because of the limit on post size here.

  LeedsLass 13:09 26 Nov 2004

I used to get c:\WINNIT.... when I used to connect with an ethernet cable instead of the wireless router. And I used to shut down and restart and it would be ok again but this has never happened since I got the router Do you think it may be connected to the router???

I'm not gonna be able to download the things you suggest til the weekend as I'll have to go to a mates house to do (accessing these boards from work and dl is not allowed) but I'll give it a go.

I have hijackthis so I'll try that as well and post the results over the weekend.


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