Battlefield2 Special Forces Expansion

  jul 16:13 04 Jan 2006

Have had Battlefield2 for a while now and got the Expansion pack for christmas But I cant get it to install at all, I have emptied my Temp folder like they suggest but still no luck it gets to the patching part and nothing, it looks like the hd is working but after 10 mins it still has the same patching please wait message, I know there no problem with the Hd as its brand new and BF2 is working so any gamers had this problem and if so how did you get the Damm thing to Load, if all else fails I will take it back to Game and throw some insults EA's way ;p well at least take it back.

  Skyver 16:48 04 Jan 2006

Any of these relevant? click here

  jul 00:16 05 Jan 2006

Been there abd tried what they said, the only thing I havent done is take off the whole game as a lot of server are running with the Pack and I would not be able to join some, I will try deleting it all and re-installing to see what happens apart from that I added a Patch and still wont install.

  Skyver 00:21 05 Jan 2006

Can you copy the entire contents of the CD to your HD and install from there? If that doesn't work there may be copy protection on the CD which your drive can't handle.

  jul 23:30 05 Jan 2006

Dont know why as there has never been a Problem with any other game I have installed on the computer, and Battlefield 2 is nothng special. Im going to go into Game and suggest they try it as ive also tried it on another system and had the same results, which points towards currupt files on the CD not the system.

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