battlefield 2 lagging on high spec pc!!!???

  Rickyv 22:00 19 Jul 2005

i have a 3.0ghz amd 64 cpu, 70gb sata hard drive, leadtek 6800 graphics card, 768mb pc3200 ram but when i put everything on high quality on battlefield 2 it still lags :O even if i put a few things on medium it still lags. whats wrong? i thought my pc would be good enough to not lag in this game :S

  gudgulf 22:20 19 Jul 2005

Are you playing online or in single player.I've heard that you need to have over 1GB of ram with this game and many are recommending 2GB which reduces the lag during the game and dramatically improves the time taken to return to the desktop when you shut the game down.

Have a search on Google for "lag in BF2" and "do I need 2GB ram?" click here for starters

There is also some problems with lag on the servers,particularly with the 64 player game.

I would try to get it running smoothly in single player by adjusting the settings downwards but I would definitely think about getting some more ram.Try "borrowing" some out of a mates pc and see what happens (if you can!).

  alansabout 22:23 19 Jul 2005

This is game is very system hungry this siteclick here is quite good take a look. I set my pc as advised very sim to yours and is now running very well.

  Rickyv 22:35 19 Jul 2005

it happens in both single and mutliplayer. also in online multiplayer i often get the error somthing like 'there is a problem with your connection' (im connection via wireless network). it says this every minute or so and then the game jumps. any solutions? thanks

  Rickyv 08:50 20 Jul 2005

hi, ive just looked on my bios and my agp aperture was at 64 instead of 128 or 256. could this affect the performance?

  gudgulf 11:43 20 Jul 2005

The Agp aperture setting does nor really matter with modern computers/graphics cards.......128MB is normally recommended.At least that's what I use (ATI x800pro,bios modded to xt spec.)

Everything I've looked at on the web suggests that more ram is a must....and that this game really needs a state of the art pc to run with all the settings turned up.What's more EA appear to have made the game to support only the latest generation of graphics hardware......Which means that as powerfull as your rig is,it may be struggling to cope with the vey highest settings.

I admit that I've only tried the single player demo up to now but I have no problem with high resolution/settings (P4 @3.6GHz/x800xt/1.5GB RAM).Next time I run it I'll use FRAPS to get a frame rate....should be interesting.

Have you worked through the guide in alansabout's link?.....lots of good pointers to optimise both your system and the game in there.

  PsiFox 11:47 20 Jul 2005

Make sure textures are set to medium.

Make sure AA/AF in nvidia CP set to application preference and then set in game.
1GB RAM makes a difference consider adding at least another 256.

Shut down any background apps before playing

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