Battlefield 2

  User-402BA281-1CFE-4FE3-9D45502C58B38958 02:38 05 Aug 2006

Hi guys

I have problem with the above game i play about 2 possibly 4 rounds and my machine starts lagging really bad, i have had all the background processes off

I have an amd 64bit 4000+ processor
2gb ram
unsure about mobo

when the macine lags i go to desktop and Crtl+ALT+Del and under the memory usgage i have seen it rise past 200.000 and goes up and up can you please help

Cheers in advance


  gazza38 08:53 05 Aug 2006

sounds more like a connection problem, rather than the PC.Do you have the same problem with different servers and what is your average ping ?
What graphics card do you have ? are the settings too high ?
What speed BB is your connection ?

this will happy for each game i play i have found out

i have 2 X 256mb 6800GT SLI
my ping is under 100

upto 8mb

Problem happens whitout being online

  billypilgrim 13:09 05 Aug 2006

BF2 is a memery hog, but your specs are well up to playing the game with no problem. You say 'problem happens without being online'. do you mean you are having slowdown while in single-player v bots? If so this is not lag. My guess would be that you have an over-heating problem, either your GFX cards, or your CPU. What temps are you getting ingame?

(in the back of my mind i seem to remember people having issues with SLI in BF2, will try to track that info down)

BTW, whats your ingame nic?

In game nic and on yahoo OwainGlynDwrJuggy69

ok found this out

In game my usage goes to 1 million mem ussage the problem occurs when its drops to 200.000

i can play a single game no probs i think i haven't really tried for a while

Also i played a game called flanker 2.0 made roughly 3 years ago that lagged at 200.00 and it only needs 32mb

I did a full format a week ago and have uninstalled a reinstalled all BF2 games and xpanions in the correct order

I have just fitted a new CPU Fan a new case fan is due in 2-3days

Ok i have found out the issue is caused bu the nvidia nforce drivers from 91. up since installing 85. i have not had this problem

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