Battery replacement for Acer Aspire 5740G

  Florio 11:21 10 Sep 2014

For the first time, I have to replace the battery on my laptop. I ordered a new battery online, but the one that arrived this morning doesn't have the same number (AS07A41 instead of AS07A31), and the voltage is 11.1 instead of 10.8. Can I safely use the replacement battery that I have been sent, or should I send it back to the seller? (I'm assuming that he gave me something compatible)

  johndrew 11:39 10 Sep 2014

The battery should be fine. A 0.2 volt difference is nothing to worry about as the laptop electronics will be capable of absorbing and functioning both above and below this.

  alanrwood 17:47 10 Sep 2014

+1 johndrew

  johndrew 09:59 11 Sep 2014


Whoops finger trouble!! Same rule applies though.

  alanrwood 10:16 11 Sep 2014

Hi John

+1 is shorthand for "I agree with you", not that your figure was incorrect. The difference is minimal anyway and as you point out the internal voltage/current control circuitry would handle this anyway with no difficulty.

  johndrew 15:38 11 Sep 2014

Hi alanrwood,

I obviously have little knowledge of that shorthand (or any other) so it looks like 'Whoops' again.

My maths was out anyway!!

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