Battery problem with Toshiba Satellite A 300-1mc

  eysha 22:11 27 Jul 2011

Can anyone tell me why the battery on this model sometimes cuts out? I switched on my laptop tonight and got absolutely nothing - black screen and only the fan running. I swooped battery with my daughter's laptop (same model exactly) and my laptop started normally. I ask because this is not the first time this has happened. Anyone know why please and how to correct it? It didn't work with the electricity plugged in either and i thought it should have done so why not? Many thanks in advance E.

  northumbria61 23:09 27 Jul 2011

I appears you have may have a faulty battery. It is either not holding the charge or not charging properly. Switch off and remove the battery then connect the Adaptor/charger and try it again.

  eysha 14:47 28 Jul 2011

The battery works fine in my daughter's laptop so i don't think it can be faulty. This is not the first time this has happened. when it does happen my daughter and i switch batteries and both work fine. the questionis why is it happeing?

  northumbria61 15:35 28 Jul 2011

In that case it may be a setting on your laptop - Go to Control Panel - Power Options - check the settings for "Choose when to turn off my Display" and "Change when the Computer Sleeps" - adjust accordingly.

  eysha 16:17 28 Jul 2011

Not the settings as the laptops are almost 3 years old now and i haven't messed with any settings. the battery works perfectly ok for ages and ages then it suddenly won't work as in the laptop will not do anything at all only black screen. Then if i swop my battery with my daughter's battery both batteries work in the different, but same model of laptop, so i would like to know why it happens so i can correct it. Thanks E.

  northumbria61 20:13 28 Jul 2011

Something must be "draining" your battery on "your" laptop for this behaviour to occur. If it works for "ages & ages" as you describe then suddenly won't work then there is a loss of power supply somewhere. When you change battery and "your" laptop starts working again it appears to be getting the power supply again that it needs.

The only other thing is that the laptop has a faulty Adaptor "plug-in" socket which would maybe account for the fact that it does not work with the adaptor (electricity supply connected)

Your laptop is 3yrs old = is that the original battery?

Other possibles are it is going into "hibernation" - overheating (unlikely) or a component is "playing up"

  eysha 22:08 28 Jul 2011

When i said ages and ages i should have specified months. I have new adaptor, replaced only a couple of months ago. Yes it is the original battery. Your last line might be an explanation. can you tell me more please? Thanks E.

  woodchip 22:54 28 Jul 2011

I would think that the Mains Adapter as got a intermittent fault, so you need a new one that outputs the same volts as the old one and watts are same or bigger

  woodchip 22:55 28 Jul 2011

PS Try your Daughters Adapter in Your Laptop if its exact same model

  eysha 22:58 28 Jul 2011

It is the right adaptor. I bought the laptop from Bainbridges so when the adaptor failed they replaced it so i know it is the right one. My daughter's adaptor is exactly the same as mine too.

  northumbria61 08:23 29 Jul 2011

eysha - take a look here link text

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