Battery Life

  marries101 16:51 29 Jul 2008

Could someone be kind enough to help me?

I want to preserve my battery for as long as possible - on my last machine the battery capacity diminished very quickly.

How can I extend the life of my battery? I am using a Samsung Q45. The battery is lithium ion. Should I let it run out fully then recharge? Should I keep it connected to the mains at all times? etc.

Many thanks

  Ditch999 17:25 29 Jul 2008

If you run mostly on mains then remove the battery when its fully charged.

Once every couple of months reconnect battery and run it completely flat then fully charge again.

  tullie 17:36 29 Jul 2008

Its up to you,my battery has never been removed.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:55 29 Jul 2008

Laptop Batteries Info
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  palinka 11:31 30 Jul 2008

I agree with Ditch999. I fully charge my battery with the laptop switched off, then remove the battery and only put it back in when i'm using the laptop away from home (which is seldom). 99% of tiem I use the machine plugged into mains and minus the battery.

Still get 2 hours use from the battery after 4 years; a friend with identical machine who kept battery in all the time AND ran on mains at same time is down to 15 mins.

Apparently my friend's action causes a constant "trickle charge" which is not good for the battery.

Different makes will be different, but I believe the principle is the same.

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