Battery indicator disappeared

  menumaster 19:28 09 Mar 2005

Hi everyone,

I have a Samsung x10 laptop running win xp pro (sp2). All is well except the battery indicator which should appear on the bottome right task bar seems to have a mind of itself. Sometimes it appears, sometimes it doesn't. The settings are correct (the check box is checked on always show battery meter on task bar)so it's not that. Sometimes if I take the check off, press apply, put the check back on and press apply it forces the icon back but not always....sorry, a pretty petty but irritating problem...any helpers out there? Thanks in anticipation....

  whybe 19:54 09 Mar 2005

This may help. If you right click a blank area of the taskbar, click properties, click customize on the taskbar tab. Next to your battery indicator make sure that 'always show' is showing, if not click on the narrative and then with the down arrow button click and highlight the always show option. Click Apply and OK to exit out of the windows. Although this usually brings an icon back into the notification area, I have found it doesn't always work.

  woodchip 20:00 09 Mar 2005

Or if you don't need it showing you can check it from Control Panel\Power

  menumaster 21:20 09 Mar 2005

Thanks for the suggestions....still doesn't work...

  FelixTCat 00:58 10 Mar 2005

With the "Always show" box ticked, mine only shows all the time when the pc is NOT on AC power. On AC power, I get the battery indicator when the battery is NOT fully charged and an icon like a power cable when it is fully charged.

With the box unticked, I only get an icon on mains power if the battery is not fully charged.

Are you getting the power cable icon instead of the battery icon?

  menumaster 09:24 10 Mar 2005

Hi...thanks for the help...I'm not getting any icon....also, should mention that the same thing happens to the speaker icon as well....

  FelixTCat 09:35 10 Mar 2005

Do you have a lot of icons in that part of the task bar? Is there a chevron like < at the left hand edge? If you click that chevron, do more icons appear?

  menumaster 10:21 10 Mar 2005

yes, but not the battery or speaker icon.

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