Battery giving normal 12V but no current

  Tim Huurdeman 10:43 01 May 2018

Recently I bought a chinese batterypack for a bluetooth speaker im building. It worked fine when it arrived, but somehow it stopped working. It still has voltage but when I connect it to the amplifier board only the power led starts to emit a little light. when I connect the amp directly to the wall the power led shines much brighter and it turns on. I could not find any other articles with similar problems so I hope anyone here can help me.

This is the battery: click here it from a different vendor for a lower price but could not find it anymore)


  alanrwood 13:20 01 May 2018

Something is creating a high resistance preventing the current from flowing. Look at the plugs/sockets. Also the battery may be in a nearly discharged situation where it shows 12 v when no power is being drawn from it but the voltage drops dramatically when trying to power something. This is the most likely reason. Is the charger working properly?

  Tim Huurdeman 17:20 01 May 2018

Thanks for your reply Alan, the sockets seem fine, if I connect the charger to the battery and the battery to the amp, It functions normally. If I then pull the charger out it loses current instantly. I don't know whether the energy from the charger accually charges the batteries, but at least the charger it self works. Also when I first got it, the led on the charger turned orange to indicate the battery was charging, but now it stays green which should mean that the battery is charged. This may be wrong though. I also removed the outer plastic shell and could not find any parts that looked out of place or not connected properly. Do you have any ideas what I could do to find out what is wrong?

  bumpkin 18:17 01 May 2018

It sounds like a bad battery, it requires testing with an ammeter.

  alanrwood 18:48 01 May 2018

Even more certain it is a faulty battery.

  Bris 19:02 01 May 2018

Its either a faulty battery or the charger is faulty and has resulted in a damaged battery. The requirements for charging lithium batteries are quite strict in that the charger or the battery pack must contain circuitry that switches off the charging current when it drops below a set level, failure to do so results in the battery being overcharged which to a lithium battery means certain death.

  Tim Huurdeman 19:55 01 May 2018

Well then it looks like my battery doesn't have a future in my speaker. Thanks for the replies!

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