Battery in Evesham Dominator

  Les 23:27 09 Jun 2006

Although this machine is some 20 months old it appears that the CMOS? battery has died - the date and time has, for some time, to be altered on switch on (not all the time but a lot!) I'm now getting a page with Platinum written across it and it would appear from the data on that the hard disks are not recognised - but they are in fact.

20 months seems to be quite a short period for these batteries (at least other machines have gone on 4 years and more with no sign of conking out.Consequently I have never had to replace a bettery - ever, in more than 25 years.

When a replacement is fitted does the bios refresh itelf or is it necessary to reenter the details - or what?

  ed-0 23:38 09 Jun 2006

the probability is queit high that you will have to re-enter the important bios details.

If you are losing the time and date, then these should be back to default already.

The main ones to change are just the cpu and memory.

  ed-0 23:42 09 Jun 2006

re-entering the details is quiet easy for an advanced user, but can be quite daunting for someone just learning.

If you have a bit of trouble just enter the motherboard make and model. The cpu type and the type and speed of memory. You can get all the details from click here

post the details here and someone will help you with them.;-)

  Les 00:02 10 Jun 2006

Thanks, I'll leave it until the morning - need matchsticks for eyes at present 8-))

  Les 13:49 10 Jun 2006

Right, I have bought and fitted the new battery - that was the easy part. The clock now retains the set time. However, I'm still getting a page on Boot UP which I had never seen before on this machine before this present trouble reared it's head. The page has the word PLATINUM written across the centre, at the bottom of the screen are the words, <TAB> for Post - <DEL> for setup. Why would this be shown? Clearly I need to do something else, but what?

  DrScott 16:32 10 Jun 2006

The BIOS for the motherboard is loading, rather than a splash screen which was probably installed on the CMOS memory when you first bought the machine.

Usually in the BIOS you can turn off the POST request, but it does depend on the BIOS. Personally, I wouldn't worry about it too much - the fact it gives you the options for POST and Setup is very reassuring.

  ed-0 19:14 10 Jun 2006

" The page has the word PLATINUM written across the centre, at the bottom of the screen are the words, <TAB> for Post - <DEL> for setup. Why would this be shown? Clearly I need to do something else, but what?"

If it then goes into windows, then thats fine. It just the motherboard splash screen. As DrScott has said, they can usually be turned off in the bios.

If it is registering the correct cpu and memory, it should be fine. If it is showing slower components, yo will have to go to the bios to alter them.

Do you know the correct size of the cpu and the speed of the memory?

  woodchip 20:13 10 Jun 2006

It's not Panda Software is it???

  Les 20:57 10 Jun 2006

Clicked into the Setup pages, the first two items on one of the pages refers to logos, the first was Enabled, the second Disabled. After Disabling the first I see that on turning off the computer (centre button) and then, after a pause switching on normally the 'Platinum' page does not appear, the same on using the restart (third) button.

Thanks for the info as I wasn't aware of these logos at all - we live and learn (and, in my case, probably forget 8-)) )

I'm sure that someone else, at some time, will find your posts useful too.

  DrScott 22:13 10 Jun 2006

The BIOS is often full of lots of lovely surprises!

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