Battery Does not charge (Laptop)

  Marios 22:30 18 Oct 2006

my IPC laptop stopped charging its battery all of a sudden, sometime ago. i bought a brand new, original battery (ouch!!!) but the same thing happens. Laptop works fine on the mains but battery does not charge. when i 'play' with the battery, i.e. take it out and put it back in, the orange light comes on to indicate that it is charging and on the power options in the control panel it says battery is charging, always showing 1%. after 1 to 2 minutes, the orange light goes off and the indicator in the control panel shows battery is not charging anymore. i looked at the helproom previous advice on batteries and on the internet but nothing quite compares to this. Ideas please!!!

  woodchip 22:34 18 Oct 2006

Looks like a Motherboard Fault

  Marios 22:49 18 Oct 2006

everything else works perfectly fine though

  namtas 22:54 18 Oct 2006

It would appear that the charging circuit is not charging anything of significance even when it indicates that it is. Your old battery most probably is ok.

  bythor 22:55 18 Oct 2006

How do you know the battery doesn't charge? Eg, is it being reported as not charging, or does the machine not run when on battery only?

  Marios 20:15 19 Oct 2006

Both. pc tells me via an icon that battery is not charging and no matter how long it is plugged in the mains, when you pull the power cable out, oc switches off straight away. furthermore, the orange light that usually is on to indicate charging status, goes off after say 30 secs after i take the battery out and put it back in (that's the only time charging is showing to be happening - it never goes above 1% though

  Marios 21:28 19 Oct 2006

i mean, could i be unlucky and have 2 faulty batteries?

  bythor 22:56 19 Oct 2006

You can't rule out two faulty batteries, but it would seem unlikely. What would help would be if you had a multimeter and measured the voltage on the battery. It would help to determine whether there is a fault with the connections/charging circuit. The fact that the charging light is on for a short period suggests that, as woodchip says, there is a mobo fault. The reason I ask about a multimeter is that you have to consider that the battery maybe being charged for a short period then 'telling' the charging circuit that it has enough charge. So, the battery charge light goes out as it should, but the mobo isn't seeing the battery or there is simply a bad connection.

  namtas 15:02 20 Oct 2006

What you probably have is the charger working but faulty so it indicates charging but in reality it is only just holding its own and not adding anything to the battery. I would think it highly unlikely to have two faulty batteries.

  woodchip 16:22 20 Oct 2006

If you read above he says it works fine on mains. That means the charger is working. As I said faulty Mobo or connection from battery. Both are mobo

  namtas 22:48 22 Oct 2006

Thanks for the chosen words, maybe not my choice of how to reply, however.
Yes we know it is working on the mains, "after i take the battery out and put it back in (that's the only time charging is showing to be happening - it never goes above 1% though"

The mains works, that means the charger works - really ?

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