Battery didn't charge and now laptop won't turn on

  crownpr1nce 15:30 02 May 2017

Hi guys,

I'm hoping you can help me. I have an Acer V5-473P. A little while ago I noticed that the battery wouldn't charge anymore when plugged in and I couldn't use the laptop when unplugged, even though the battery still had charge. I looked for a few solutions online but since I only ever use it at home, I didn't try too hard. I tried another AV adapter and it didn't help. The battery was slowly draining as it wasn't charging but very very slowly as it was still using wall power. That lasted a few months of regular everyday use.

This weekend however, my laptop turned off while I was using it and the plugged in indicator turned off and won't turn on again. I tried different plugs and AC adapters, no luck. The laptop seems dead.

My first instinct was the battery, but considering it still had a charge for months and was slowly going down, I'm not so sure.

Any ideas what caused this and if I can repair it by myself? If so what parts do you think I need?

Thanks for your help.

  Archonar 16:17 02 May 2017

Have you tried turning it on without the battery plugged in at all?

  Forum Editor 17:42 02 May 2017

With the computer turned off, remove the mains power lead, remove the battery, and then hold the power button down for 40 seconds or so.

Plug in the mains lead, and turn the computer on. Then replace the battery.

Did that do any good?

  crownpr1nce 22:30 02 May 2017

I've done exactly that and nothing happens. I removed the battery, kept the power button pressed for a minute than plugged it in and no change. The "plugged in" indicator doesn't light up and the computer won't turn on.

Then I put the battery back and same. No indicator, won't turn on.

I'm assuming the battery isn't the issue in this case?

2 clarifications if it helps: it's an integrated battery that you have to open the computer to remove. 2- the battery was actually going down over time when it wouldn't charge. It was incredibly slow but it reached 0% after many months of daily usage. Could it be that the power cord doesn't provide enough power to the laptop without the battery?

  lotvic 23:27 02 May 2017

Could possibly be a faulty (burnt out) MOSFET on the motherboard. You would need a multimeter to trace the exact part that has gone bad. (and a soldering iron and the expertise to do the repair...)

  Jollyjohn 11:44 03 May 2017

It could be the power jack (socket) on the motherboard. The power adapter may no longer be making contact properly. If you can open the laptop up and see the power jack and have a multi meter, or other means of checking voltage, check there is power at the plug end before you plug it into the laptop and then check there is power on the terminals on the motherboard.

If there is power then it may be as suggested above but if there is no power then it suggests the power jack needs replacing.

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