Battery charging problem

  jack 20:33 01 Sep 2010

One of my flock reports that her E-machine running Vista gives a warning Battery Not charging.
She says a search of various forums report this across a range of Laptop machines running Vista ands appears to be a Vista software problem rather than a duff battery or other hardware issue.
But so far no solution has come up.
Any thoughts any one?

  northumbria61 22:31 01 Sep 2010

I would doubt that it is a software problem. Does your laptop work with the mains charger?

  northumbria61 22:36 01 Sep 2010

Also - how old is the laptop battery?

  Strawballs 22:38 01 Sep 2010

This is a common problem with laptops the connector that is in the machine becomes loose with use after a while some quicker than others.
My one is running Vista and is nearly 2years old and is not suffering (as yet)

  northumbria61 22:56 01 Sep 2010

It is more likely to be the connector on the end of the mains charger that goes into the laptop especially if it is a "straight" connector. If you find it is this you need to look for a replacement one with a 90% bend.

  jack 08:23 02 Sep 2010

Your comments match my own when I was consulted.
It has to be a charger/battery problem I said.
I was then directed to
click here

Many brands of laptops- same problem.
The commonality VISTA

  northumbria61 13:15 02 Sep 2010

Sorry Jack "Hate to disagree with you" and I wouldn't know where to start looking with the list you have provided. I have previously had 3 laptops in family running Vista and NEVER had a problem (now all on Windows 7)

It has to be with the
1. Battery 2. Mains Charger 3. Connections

Can you "wiggle" the connections about to see if anything shows ? Do you have a mains "indicator" light on the charger (usually green in colour) ?

If is not the charger itself (ie not charging) or the connectors on the end of the mains lead then it points to the connection point on your laptop which is soldered to the motherboard.

  northumbria61 13:17 02 Sep 2010

See here Jack - click here

  northumbria61 13:23 02 Sep 2010

Jack - further - click here

  jack 19:50 02 Sep 2010

for the links.
One thing I will say.
It is not my Laptop if you read my post you will see I am asking on behalf of another- so so I am not 'Hands on' and I do not run VISTA on my machines either- but I will go see the owner over the week end maybe.

  patso 20:12 02 Sep 2010

heres my solution,might work.take out battery while off.plug in charger.turn on ,log in.turn off,put back battery.turn on again.give it a few mins,charging usually appears,
seema vista causing all sorts of problems with batteries.give it a try anyway.usually works for me

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