Battery & mains adaptor problem - help please!

  backstreetgirl 15:39 20 Sep 2013


I switched on my laptop yesterday to see a notice at the bottom showing my battery with a x next to it & it said 'Consider replacing your battery.'

Until I manage to get one, I thought I could run the laptop using the mains adaptor, but I notice that the available percentage is very slowly going down too. Yesterday it was 92% and since then it has gone down to 90%.

Does this mean that it will slowly go down to 0% then I won't be able to use the laptop?

I am quite confused about this so hope someone can help please.

Many thanks in advance.

  rdave13 15:47 20 Sep 2013

It's showing that the battery is possibly getting to the end of its life. If it doesn't last long on a charge then you can remove it and run just on the mains charger alone until you get a new one. You can still run it with the battery and mains though.

  Press Man 15:47 20 Sep 2013

It may be that when your mains adaptor is plugged in the battery is not actually charging and you are seeing a small percentage drop either because the battery is "dying" or, the message you saw was "false". Have you got the "Power" icon in your task bar, if so click on it and it will show the battery status and if you are "plugged in" or not.

  woodchip 18:31 20 Sep 2013

It may be that you have not removed the battery before starting to run it on mains

  backstreetgirl 19:05 20 Sep 2013

Thankyou for your replies. I turned off the laptop for 50 seconds and then plugged in the adaptor again and turned it back on, nothing has changed.

Sorry to sound a bit dim, but the percentage that is showing when I hover my mouse over the charge icon - is this how much charge the battery has or does it relate to the adaptor?

When I click on the charge icon Press Man, it shows 88% available, not charging and also says 'consider changing the battery.'

I haven't removed the battery, I don't want to have to unless I have another to replace it with, so how do I know whether the adaptor is working or not?

  rdave13 19:18 20 Sep 2013

Shutdown the laptop. Remove the battery. Plug in the AC mains adapter, switch on at the mains. You should see a light on the laptop. Boot up. If nothing happens, check the fuse in the 5 Amp plug.

  Press Man 20:31 20 Sep 2013

Do as rdave13 suggests, this will show that your laptop will run on mains power without the battery. If you want to check out the battery just replace it and run the laptop on battery only, until it shuts down on low power. When it does, re-connect the mains adapter with battery in place and see if the battery fully charges or not. If it fully charges see how long it lasts for. If its for a very short time then the battery is "kaput".

  woodchip 21:39 20 Sep 2013

I ran a Laptop without the Battery in for about 3 years, I stored the New Battery with about 80% charge in a Plastic bag in the fridge "not freezer" so it did not loose as much charge and rarely needed a charge

  backstreetgirl 11:55 21 Sep 2013

Thankyou very much for your replies, I will try this over the weekend and see how I go.

When removing the battery from the laptop, do I need to 'ground' myself as you have to do when opening up a desktop computer? (Not that I ever did myself)?

  rdave13 12:14 21 Sep 2013

No, just make sure its not on and not connected to the mains when you remove it.

  backstreetgirl 19:00 21 Sep 2013

Thankyou rdave :)

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