batchfile for drivers

  ajkm 18:31 20 May 2005

I have downloaded the batchfile for saving my drivers from the pcadvisor website, but missed the mag where it was originally published, and I dont know haw to use them properly. I am going to reboot my computer in the next week so would be grateful for advice.
thanks all.

  Eric10 19:20 20 May 2005

Choose the batch file for your OS and double-click it. Read the warning and press a key. Sit back and wait. A new folder is created on your C: drive called "olddrivers" and files from several system folders are backed up into it. If you have another drive in your PC you can move the folder to that to keep it separate from your system drive. When you re-install Windows and it asks for drivers you just need to point it to this folder.

  Eric10 19:45 20 May 2005

I only checked the batch file for Win XP and it turns out that for Win98ME it creates a second folder called "datawin". The procedure for Win98ME is also more complex. The magazine in question was issue 118 (May) and it is available from Back Issues. Link is on the left on the Magazine page of this site. click here

  ajkm 22:25 20 May 2005

want to thank you Eric10. Did not find the folder on the c drive, then realised I had run it from the d drive, and found it there. Great.

  mun 08:20 21 May 2005

I seem to have the opposite problem to you AJKM: I have the magazine but I'm unable to find the batchfile software anywhere on the website. Could you please point me in the right direction to where you found it? Many thanks.
By the way, do you or anyone else know what happened to the SP2 Upgrade forum on the website.It was set up last year but now seems to have disappeared.
Thanks again in advance,

  Eric10 10:13 21 May 2005

There was an appology in the letters pages of latest edition of the mag (issue 120) for the ommission of the batch file from the website which happened during redevelopment of the site. You'll can download it from click here.

I think the SP2 forum was setup when the Service Pack was new to help with the multitude of problems that arose so that the Helproom forum didn't become swamped with specifically SP2 questions. However, now that things have settled down the Helproom Forum is well able to help with the few problems that may still crop up.

  mun 10:41 21 May 2005

Thanks Eric10!
I'm doing my first SP2 upgrade in the next few days. Hopefully using the various magazine articles, the driver copy software and any old posts on this forum, should get me thru ok
Thanks again, John

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