Batch scanning software recommendations please

  stlucia2 20:33 22 Mar 2018

For many years I've been using Irfanview 'Acquire/batch scanning' menu option to scan documents into my PC using my Epson stand-alone scanner and, later, my HP Photosmart printer/scanner. It asks me to select the destination folder, and input a default file name, then allows me to scan several documents in one go, adding an '01', '02' etc. after the default file name when saving them. It uses the default settings (e.g. A4, greyscale 100dpi, .tiff file) until I alter them.

Now I've just got an HP Envy 5020 printer/scanner, and after going to Irfanview > Acquire/batch scanning I no longer get the nice user interface. I have to do one page at a time, can't set a default page size but have to do a preview so that it can automatically select the page area (sometimes missing footers!), and can't set a default quality.

I've looked at HP's own scanning interface, and that's no better. It's still one page at a time, and it only allows me to save in .jpg or .pdf format.

Any suggestions please for a user interface that will give me more flexibility, and allow me to set defaults for multiple document scans?

  stlucia2 14:12 27 Mar 2018

Problem solved!

My printer is connected to my PC by USB, not by wireless, so in Irfanview's 'Select scan/TWAIN source' menu I had selected 'WIA HP ENVY 5000 (USB)'. I thought this was correct because it said 'USB' in its name, but yesterday I tried 'HP ENVY 5000 TWAIN 2.1' instead, and that's given me the multiple-scan options I was looking for, as well as retaining my custom selections (A4, greyscale, 100dpi) as default.

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