Batch renumbering of mp3 files. OS XP pro

  m800afc 18:04 04 Dec 2007

This is a follow up to a similar question.
I want to listen to audio books on my phone, which is an XDA from o2. When I transfer from my PC to my storage cards and look at the library, the files are rearranged. On my PC they are arranged in chapter order, 0101 being chapter one, part one, 0102 chapter 1 part 2.
There may be 25 parts to each chapter, so the last part of chapter one may be filenamed 0125, and so on throughout the book. On my pocket pc they are automatically arranged differently. the first file is 0101, but the second file is not 0102 as you would expect, but 0201, then 0301, 0401, 0501 etc. This means the playback is all of the "Part Ones" then all of the "Part Twos" etc.
I have found out that the reason for this is that each of the files on the original cd's will have its own individual tag.There for there will be 1-25 tracks on each cd, ie with 5 cds there will be five. track 1's, five track 2's etc.
Using Renamer I can rename the files in sequence 001-125, but how can I batch alter the tag track number accordingly?

  brundle 20:33 04 Dec 2007

This has ceased development but allows you to rename using tag>filename or filename>tag amongst others.
click here

  frazky 02:59 05 Dec 2007

click here free 30days batch work tags

  m800afc 15:36 05 Dec 2007

Thanks very much this does the job.
I have discovered by playing about that it is possible using "Stamp" to replace the track number. It is not possible to serialise the tracks. However if you re-stamp all the files to track 1, then providing the title field is serialised using "Renamer" the media player will "see" a raft of track 1's and default to playing the tracks in "Title" order, which you have previously serialised.
Note that when I say Title, I mean the field "title" in the tag, not the filename. I hope this makes sense.
Now all we need is for someone far brighter than me to merge, so to speak "Renamer", "Stamp" and "ID3 Renamer".

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