Batch processing in Photoshop

  Pineman100 14:02 08 Jun 2011

Windows 7 and Photoshop CS5.

I've got a folder containing large number of jpegs that I want to reduce in size and resolution. They're all the same size at present and I want to reduce them all to the same smaller size.

I'm sure Photoshop could do this as a batch for me, rather than my re-processing each one individually.

Can anyone tell me how to do this, please?

  hssutton 14:40 08 Jun 2011

This is done by creating an action from the Action menu. You need to give the Action a name and hit the record button. Photoshop will now memorize everything you do in between pressing the record button.

Load your first image, press record, then carry out the series of commands to reduce the size of your images, such as image size/resolution. After you've finished inputing your various commands stop the recording.

Photoshop now knows that every time that action is played it will recreate everything you’ve done in the recording mode. Remember to give your action a name.

Creating an action in Photoshop

  Pineman100 14:59 08 Jun 2011

Many thanks for that, hssutton. I'll give it a go and report back.

Much obliged.

  Pineman100 15:32 08 Jun 2011

hssutton - it worked! Many thanks for your help. I've filed your instructions and the your link for next time.

I'm particularly impressed that Photoshop knew which dimension to reduce, even though some of the photos were landscape and some portrait. Very clever!

Thanks again for your help.

  john bunyan 18:52 08 Jun 2011

I do this following earlier advce from hssutton. The only thing is to batch process you have to open the files you want to modify. I wish that Bridge enabled you to do a larger number as about 8 - 10 files open can be demanding on memory. I keep my snapshots (not "good" ones which are .tiff) as .jpg's at 300 dpi( good for printing) at 10" x 8" or 7"x 5". It is a pity my camera cannot be adjusted to shoot at the required size to save time.

  Pineman100 09:22 09 Jun 2011

john bunyan

I didn't find that I needed to open the files for batch processing. I just identified the folder that held all the image files and the (new) folder where I wanted the processed images saved. I processed a batch of 39 shots in this way.

In Photoshop CS5 (not sure about other versions) you do this via File>Automate>Batch.

I have my camera set to save all shots in two formats - RAW and jpeg. That way I have the jpeg available for everyday "snaps" and the RAW files for my attempts at serious photography (I'm a member of a camera club). In each case I delete the version I don't need.

I expect you know that RAW gives you full, unprocessed data from the camera's CCD, so it's as high a quality as you can possibly get.

  john bunyan 16:35 09 Jun 2011

Pineman . Thanks. Regrettably my existing cameras do not have a Raw function. I tried your suggestion, I have CS5 . In the 64 bit version it seemed it would work, but in the 32bit version when I tried , windows detected a problem and closed when I pressed File Automate Batch. I use the 32 bit version quite a lot as TWAIN drivers for my Canon MP 640 are not available for the 64 bit version, and I am slowly scanning my old collection.

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