Basic overview of Audacity 1.2.6

  Grandad99 16:54 08 Aug 2013

Several years after buying the kit (lead and CD which includes Audacity 1.2.6) I have just started to use it to transfer some old cassettes to CDs.

Each side of a cassette records as a single track and I want to split this back to the separate ones. The Audacity online manual goes into great depth but I can't see how to do this simple job. (Wood and trees)

The specialised forums now cover version 2 and the only 1.2.6 ones I can find have been closed down.

I am familiar with very basic video editing and assume that audio is along the same lines. Can anyone give me an overview of how to do this - the steps and commands - or direct me to somewhere that does.


  hiwatt 11:42 10 Aug 2013

Do the tracks play ok before trying to burn them?What format did you export them as? If you want to export as MP.3 you will have download the lame encoder but you don't need it for Wav. click here

  Grandad99 10:03 12 Aug 2013

Thanks hiwatt. I've replaced 1.2.6 with the latest free version and it works perfectly.

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